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Who Will Outlast the other 14 Teams?

AL futures pick 2020Our AL futures pick 2020 notes that no matter what shape the season takes we can eliminate a slew of teams. That should make it easier for us to pick who will win the American League and make it to the World Series. If MLB moves to a Grapefruit League and Cactus League model, this article will still be useful. That’s because the teams the we’ve determined won’t be in the mix in the end, will be out of it no matter what league they’re in. Plus, those that will rise to the top will do so no matter what the 2020 MLB league designations are. First, we pick those in the AL that will not make it into the postseason.

AL Futures Pick 2020 – Struggling Teams

In our AL futures Pick 2020, we’re going to automatically eliminate seven of 15 teams. The East has the most casualties, as we find the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, and Boston Red Sox will finish out of the running. The Orioles are simply dismal, the Jays are on their way up but not quite there yet, and the Red Sox have lost too many key players and have seen too many changes to be able to put it together for 2020.

In the Central Division of the American League, the Detroit Tigers do not have enough in their tank to contend and neither do the Kansas City Royals. The team from the Motor City is average at best and lacks a solid pitching staff. For the Royals. The major question is will new owner John Sherman be willing to spend the cash needed to give this tam a shot?

Finally, in the AL West, the Seattle Mariners, who do have talent, need to see their top prospects come through? However, let’s say J.P. Crawford, Evan White, and Kyle Lewis do step up? The Mariners still don’t have enough to take down any of the top teams in the division. The Rangers stroll into a new, indoor park with a sound pitching staff, but they lack consistent hitting.

AL Futures – Next to Fall Off

Of the eight teams left, from the West, we’ve marking the Oakland A’s and Los Angeles Angels and from the Central the Cleveland Indians for extinction. Despite having some good hitters, the Athletics have issues with their rotation. The Halos certainly put solid talent at the plate, but there’s a lack of depth especially on the pitching staff.

The Indians have a very fine starting staff, but their outfield is a mess, and they’ve done little to improve. However, never underestimate manager Terry Francona. He is one of the best.

Who’s Looking Good in Our AL Futures?

With all of that being said, we find that the New York Yankees will win the AL East. Also in the East, the Tampa Bay Rays will get into the playoffs as a wildcard. The Central should end up being a battle between the Minnesota Twins, who excelled last season, and the up and coming Chicago White Sox. We’re picking the White Sox as qualifying for the second wildcard. We see the Twins as finishing atop the division. Finally, look for the Houston Astros to be the sole representative from the West in the postseason.

Final Word – AL Futures Pick 2020

In our AL futures pick 2020 concerning the playoffs, we project that the White Sox will eliminate the Rays in the Wildcard game. Then the Yanks will take care of the Sox, and the Astros will bring down Minnesota. The ALCS comes down to New York and Houston.

The Yankees will outlast the Astros winning the series four games to two. To see which teams we think you should wager on when it comes for futures betting on the AL Pennant, click here.

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We have picked the winner of each division and the two wildcards. Also, we’ve created futures’ betting scenarios for each division.

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