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Fantasy Sports has been big business for over 20 years. Originally these games were available at big name news sites like CBS, ESPN, Yahoo and Fox Sports.  These were season-long contests and were precursors to the faster moving daily fantasy sports contests which is all you hear about now. These Daily Fantasy Sports (often referred to as DFS for short) games were developed for online betting in 2012 and have exploded in popularity ever since.  We always see and hear advertisements for the largest 2 DFS companies (Draft Kings & FanDuel) have emerged as market leaders to bring them to you. Best of all, these fantasy contests have a carve-out under Federal law and they are completely legal, but lately some states have started passing laws against fantasy sports betting.

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This overview of using Fantasy Sports leagues for betting first gives you a summary of how the leagues work. You will then find additional information on the individual sports leagues you can bet on.

Fantasy Sports Coverage At The Main Sites

The 2 Biggest DFS Sports sitesThe two largest and more popular sites that offer daily fantasy sports contests are FanDuel and Draftkings. Since these are the biggest fantasy sports sites, they offer an enormous amount of prmotions and contests on the most popular US based sports.

All three of these sites offer college and professional Football and Basketball, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. In addition, Draftkings and Draftstreet offer golf on the PGA tour.

How Fantasy Sports Leagues Work

In each contest a player is given a salary cap, which is used to assemble a squad of players for his or her roster. The number of players and size of the salary cap will vary depending on which site is used and which sport is involved. The more popular or skilled a player, the bigger the salary – meaning compromises will need to be made when putting your roster together while staying withing your salary budget.

After assembling the roster points are scored by each individual player based upon their real life performance on the day. Your roster’s scores are added together to receive a total score– which is then compared to other player’s scores on the day to produce final standings and determine the winner(s).

There are many contests taking place every day – these contests range from free entry up to entries that cost many thousands of dollars. The contests can be between just two competitors, but usually large contests that have thousands of players with plenty of real cash prizes.

Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites