Sportsbook that are BLACKLISTED

Blacklisted SportsbooksIf you gamble on sports then, chances are, you lose more than you win. It is just the life of a gambler. It is after all how they are able to keep building new casinos (well everywhere but in Atlantic City). For sports gamblers, some losses are bad. The one where you know you are out of it in the first quarter of the game, where your team gave up 5 goals in the first period. Those are the ones that lead you to question your own intelligence.

Other losses are worse. The ones where you lose on some last second shot or some back door cover. They can devastate you, either leading you to give up gambling for a week or to double down on the next available game.

And then there are the gut wrenching ones. The ones where you fail on the last play or some quirk of fate. Ones like the  Grand Slam single for Robin Ventura and the Mets in 1999, or the Ray Allen three  in the 2013 NBA Finals or not running Marshawn Lynch when all you needed was one yard in the Super Bowl. The ones where time seemingly stood still, and you can remember every detail of that final play. Like watching Tony Romo fumble that field goal attempt in 2006, getting excited as he picked up the ball and hoping that maybe he could make it to the goal line, watching in despair as he did not, and then trying to figure out if there was enough time to have the Seahawks go three to get the ball back to Romo. The losses that you simply don’t know how to react to, where you aimlessly walk around for an hour or two after the game’s conclusion not knowing what to feel.

The most common sportsbook scam is setting up a new sportsbook, taking deposits, slow paying and then diappear..

In the world of gambling, that should be the worst kind of loss (walking around mumbling to yourself is never a desired trait in any walk of life). Yet in the online sports betting world, there is actually something much worse: the losses where you actually won. It is one thing to have your winnings taken from you by a Kobe Bryant nailing a late 3-pointer. It is something else to have your winning s taken from you by the betting site you are using. Unfortunately, when it comes to online betting it is too easy to setup a new sportsbook and collect peoples money.  Here are the most popular blacklisted sportsbooks listed below:

Blacklisted Sportsbooks Info
I truly wanted to succeed, but it's not looking good. Looks like another SCAM SITE.
Current Rating is taking 3+ months to payout players while they continue to collect new player deposits immediately. Classic signs of a slow-rolling scam... You deserve better!
Current Rating
BetUS is blacklisted
Current Rating
review of topbet
TopBet was a decent sportsbook, then around July 2016 payments slowed and are still very very slow (5+ months) in July 2017..
Current Rating