Free Expert Sports Picks

free sports picksThis is where we store our latest free sports picks from our betting experts.

Our intention is to help give you an edge before placing your bets.  Maybe you agree with our picks, maybe not.  But at least we are giving you another look at the matchup with all the relevant data.

The free picks section is where our betting experts dig into daily games in all sports providing insight to assist you in your plays. Our free picks include wagering selections for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, as well as major college sports. We also provide some specialty picks such as Heisman voting, playoffs and futures, and other individual and team wagers where the bettor can find an advantage.

Our free picks are transparent which is incredibly important in the world of online sports betting information. You’ll find a lot of sites out there proclaiming to hit 90% of their free plays or boast about remarkable 19-1 winning streaks. If they do indeed provide winners at that clip, it is impressive. Unfortunately, it’s also probably false.

Picks That are Truly Free

The reason online touts brag or outright lie about their success in predicting sports winners is because they’re trying to sell you on their services. They’ll throw out a couple free picks hoping that they win – and then make you pay to see more. The oldest trick in the wagering book however is throwing out each side to half of their audience. This way these services are guaranteed to provide a winner to 50% of their readers who are then in turn more likely to purchase picks.

If you’re going to make your sports picks via this method you’re just as good flipping a quarter. One thing you’ll notice about a lot of sites selling picks out there is that they are incredibly persistent as well. Perhaps a better word for it is ‘annoying.’ Prepare to get your email, social media, and cell phone harassed continually if you even attempt to get a free pick from a lot of the ‘touts’ out there. Simply put, that’s not the way we work at Betting Brain.

Smart Sports Free Picks

Our free picks are backed by analysis and trends while also having some good old fashioned ‘gut instinct’ mixed in. Just like the smart WWE fan knows they are watching choreographed entertainment, a tuned in sports bettor knows that some lines are made simply as traps. Our betting experts address strange line movement and attempt to provide an explanation as to why the spread has shifted in the direction of a particular team.

There are certain rules of betting that our free picks writer will also try to explain over the course of a season. For example, no team is as good (or as bad) as their last outing. Also, while it’s important to analyze trends they are always meant to be broken. Never underestimating a home underdog is just one more method that we put into providing our best daily free picks over a wide variety of sports.