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The bonus on every deposit is what sets BetOnline apart from other sportsbooks. We know is legit and has a good history.
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Bonus on EVERY deposit
9 Deposit Options
$2500 Signup Bonus
"Lifetime Bonus" only has 6x betting requiremnt
"Free" $50 bet on your first Mobile Bet
Signup Bonus has 10x Betting Requirement
No Withdrawls within 30 days of claiming a bonus
6.5% deposit fee for credit cards
Current Rating
50% Bonus up to $1,000

BetOnline has a history going back to 2004 and offer a combination of great lines and great service to US, Canadian and worldwide sports betting fans. Licensed in Panama, BetOnline offer sports betting, casino games and poker. What you’ll notice immediately with this site is that they look after their loyal bettors. Instead of a big upfront signup bonus and that’s it – you’ll get frequent reload bonuses on every single deposit made.

Is it or

BetOnline sportsbook is AND  They have moved all their betting to (which is an Antigua country domain) for legal reasons. is basically used to create new user accounts and then everything is done on

Betting Interface

BetOnline finally got a new design and updated their betting interface back in 2017.  Their homepage is clean, smart and makes it easy to find your way to the different gambling verticals. The sports homepage hits you with a lot of detail and numbers right away. Once you get used to navigating through the sports on the left hand sidebar, the site is intuitive and it is super-easy to place your bets. Your bet slip appears on the right hand side – you simply click to confirm and your bets are placed.

You will not find a downloadable app here – They obviously have a mobile website and the book adjusts dynamically to your screen size for both tablets and phones. This works with all the main mobile devices including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry systems.

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Bonuses and Special Offers

By offering a 50% bonus on every deposit for life, BetOnline is making a statement. They are showing their bettors that their customers are appreciated – not just for the first bets, but long-term. This bonus does have a 6x rollover (which is higher than other sportsbooks).  So, BetOnline has more bonuses, but a higher betting requirement to earn that bonus.  On top of this you’ll get free play opportunities for using live betting for the first time, and for trying the mobile phone betting too. There are also track rebates of 7% for horse racing bettors. In addition to these regular bonuses you will find plenty of seasonal and one-off promotions.

Check our BetOnline promo page for the latest offers and bonus requirements.  There is now a 50% Bonus up to $1000 for the Super Bowl.

Depositing and Withdrawing From BetOnline

This book has a great track record with payments, with no major issues or disputes beyond what can be expected with the current restrictions on US payment processing. Visa, MasterCard and Amex are all accepted here. If your card does get declined, you can try pre-paid Visa gift cards (choose those which work for international payments). Alternatives include money orders, or money transfer services like Western Union’s ‘Rapid Transfer’.

Their customer support are specialists in getting your payment through, if you have any issues then speaking with them should always be your first move. If you deposit more than $300, this Sportsbook will return fees incurred by the payment services. International customers can also use eWallet services such as Neteller or Skrill – or try a number of local and regional bank transfer options.

Withdrawals can be requested for free once each month. BetOnline use a system where you are given $50 credit towards withdrawal fees. This should be plenty for most bettors. The most reliable (but slower) US method is via paper check. Western Union withdrawals and bank wires are usually possible and are very fast if you don’t mind the extra fee.

What Makes BetOnline Stand Out From Other Sportsbooks?

The main things which make BetOnline stand out in this crowded marketplace is their reputation, their lifetime bonus offer and their database of sporting statistics. This book has more than 10 years in their current format, and has only the most minor complaints appearing online. BetOnline has done a great job of building a reputation for being honest, fast to pay out and safe. These are rare qualities in today’s uncertain world.

Their 25% 6x play-though lifetime bonus offer shows that loyalty more important to this book than simply drawing players in with an upfront offer. This is backed up by their promotions too, which mix reduced juice lines with opportunities to enjoy more bonus cash. BetOnline’s stats database can be accessed from within their Sportsbook. This provides past results and analysis across the entire range of US and some international sports. Even casual bettors should find that this information gives them an extra edge when making picks.

Sports Covered By BetOnline

This book focuses on the US big four which consists of Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. You’ll find a great selection of bets and some reduced juice lines for these sports. In addition College Football and Golf are popular here. Completing the list is a range of international sports including Soccer, Rugby and Snooker. You’ll benefit from a large database right on their website covering past results and analysis – all you need to make an informed bet. BetOnline also feature a separate horse racing section. This covers the majority of US tracks, offering bets on both day-to-day races and the big events.

Our Overall Opinion of

This is a trusted Sportsbook that values loyalty and offers a fantastic range of lines on sporting events from around the world. We have personally met with some of the management and I really like where this book is headed in the future.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to both US and worldwide sports betting fans.

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  1. 9.1

    got $700 payout within 24 hours via bitcoin very good, they call me for deposit help

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Mobile Betting
    Deposit/Payout Options
    Live Betting
  2. 1
    overran by poker bots

    poker tables on this site are overran by bots. admin says it’s up to the players to report. i reported 6 bots with 3 days worth of hand histories about a month ago and they have yet to do anything about it. i suspect the bots work for the site. strong warning against this site for poker players.

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Mobile Betting
    Deposit/Payout Options
    Live Betting
  3. Asked for Express Check, I got a message “I would have to get Money Orders (Money gram)” I got them within
    the seven days, They just had my name on them as the payee, no sender information on the line it
    needed to be. They said just fill in your wife’s name or other family member? Any thoughts?

    It was for 2K, they sent 2 MO for 1K ea.

  4. Great service to help you deposit $$, then they turn into complete D students when it comes to payout. Also, they have a super sneaky fine print that says when you use promo bonus $$, it requires you to bet the initial bet amount over 10 times until you can get that $$ back. This means most people would just be putting the balance amount down time after time just to get to that amount, and then of course they will lose it on one of those. Your legit $$ gets tied in with the bonus $$, so don’t think you’re getting anything back until you’ve bet over 10 times that initial deposit amount. DO NOT USE BETONLINE.

  5. I have issues with bet online with their parlays. There is always a team off the board especially minutes before the game. Customer service is mediocre and not much assistance. Everytime I play a parlay it says event expired refresh screen which is aggravating.

  6. Be aware of the BetOnline bonus scams. They are not actually bonuses as the promotional e-mails claim. They are free plays. But you wouldn’t know it from their promotional e-mails.

    Stick to Bovada, GT or TopBet and you won’t get scammed like BetOnline.

  7. I have been a betonline customer for over 6 years and they will no longer pay me bonuses because I have placed future wagers. I called to get customer service and couldnt get any. I have used Bravada and they give me those same bonuses.

  8. DO NOT PLAY HERE. First off. The bonus has a 30 day hold!!!no other book has a month hold. The casino is beyond rigged. Get the same card 4 times in a row multiple times crazy losing streaks. Anytime you call and ask for a supervisor they ALWAYS say a supervisor is never available. Pleas check out justbet, gtbets or wagerweb. But STAY AWAY from this.

    1. Beware of their bonus pay out policy:

      30 day hold for payouts and a 6 times rollover, in other words
      you are obligated to risk thousands to get a small 25% deposit bonus.

      This risk/reward plan is unreasonable for the player.

      I dont play sports book, my deposits are for casino play.
      If you dont play the sports book like me, you are now forced to play it and risk thousands to be able to cash out from the casino.

      By the time the 30 hold expires and you risk the 6 times roll over, you will most likely loose everything and there will be nothing to cash out.

      Great strategy for the casino, not so much for the player.

  9. Just want to make a warning to anyone about to use betonline. There is a history of hacking where people will enter their accounts and see large amounts of money gone or pending bets they did not make. Since usernames and passwords are in plain text and in view for customer service reps, it is assumed that employees are making these bets. This happened to me, and yes, I’m a little sour, but thought I’d inform some.

  10. Similar to another complaint from another site – While I was playing blackjack, randomly, during hands where I have the option to hit/stand/double/split, the screen freezes. I check my internet and everything works fine. I’m clicking on the screen and sometimes I’ll attempt to rejoin and its too late. If the options are available to click, you may click it and won’t even know if it went through or not. I contacted customer service and they mentioned I should clear my cache and my internet history. I tried that and the very first hand of the next table I joined, the situation occurred again. It seems to be a known issue and it ain’t getting resolved. If it’s issue that can’t be resolved then they should be providing full refunds for this experience. Play at your own risk…………

    1. Not a bad Sports Book as long as you don’t make deposits for the Bonuses. I received a letter in the mail for promo code Sack16, a vip promo code for 75% Bonus… I used it .. didnt work but my deposit went through. Contacted them and the said because I already have $300 pending bets and my average bet is only $27 they couldn’t honor the bonus as stated in the fine print! WTF?!?! so lame .. I just made a $250 deposit to make the end of the baseball season more interesting and they can’t even honor this..

      As far as other issues people are having.. I have made a payout and it was a direct payout into my bank account.. It worked.. Their good for it. I had absolutely no issues.. If you payout on a certain Friday of the month it cost you nothing..

      I have had a decent experience with Betonline and have decided I will NEVER make another deposit for a Bonus again. I don’t need it, and it actually makes me reckless with my wagering..
      Good luck everyone!! TAKE THEIR MONEY!!!

  11. WARNING! The casino is rigged. I guarantee that the on line casino does not represent true odds. I have played, and lost over the past year. I is not a normal distribution of cards. Buyer beware. I’ll bet the horses and play sports, but I am done with their casino.

  12. 30 day bonus stuff is wack…i never use it…the checks coming from different countries kind of shady but always seem to go through. I would be using wire transfer for anything over $1000,,,,just my opinion…sportsbook is good….the poker is so….talent is weak on here but the games are very limited and often boring….very rarely big tourneys either…no late entries into them either…

  13. i was overcharged when i made a deposit, then they said they would refund the money but to my betonline account not to my bank account and its not enough for their payouts thats not bitcoin so basically i have to either bet it or deposit more to get my money out and incur another deposit fee and maybe have the overcharge thing happen again and the customer service was terrible i suggest you find another option

  14. I followed every rule and every hurdle of the your request. Rollover amounts, and 30 day . When it came time to get my payout. Way past the allotted time they advised . I still am waiting for a payout that I have not received . I will defiantly be taking my business and sports betting somewhere else . Site is a complete rip off and waste of time. I doubt I will see my payout .

  15. Their payouts are VERY fast. I have done the pay back CC, and express checks. HOWEVER, I am not a big fan of their bonuses because the 30 day wait til withdrawal isn’t readily noticeable. I deposited $200 with the 50% bonus, met the rollover requirement and put in for a withdrawal. It was denied because I hadn’t met the 30 day limit. Lo and behold, my account was at 11k when I put in for the withdrawal and once denied, proceeded to lose it all. COMPLETELY my fault, but had the withdrawal gone through I would have scaled back my wagers. I was so mad I found a different book, that honor withdrawals daily which allows me to cash out and not bet above my head…

    1. My last payout check was returned for Non-Sufficient funds. Still trying to get it cleared up by I am now worried about this $2500 payout as well as the remaining $5000 I have coming.

    2. That’s why they deny you man! Can’t tell you how many times I’m trying to pull a couple racks and they delay the process! We are players so a player is gonna play… They know this but to our detriment

  16. is this website that trustworthy to use your own bank account? or do you guys take different measures in how you are depositing money to your Bet-online accounts? if so what do you guys suggest?
    very interested in joining but hesitant in whether or not to use my current banking information.

    1. I just went to my account to withdraw funds & found that they charge exorbitant rates to get your money! Check out their rates before you play here. It is unreal what they charge you!!!

  17. Yeah the 10x rollover is tough but if you do hit it, you dont have to worry about it anymore. Just made my 1st payout request was processed in less than 24 hrs and got my express check in 5 days which is 2 days sooner than advertised. Just curious how long the check is gonna take to clear in the bank but as of now i have nothing but positive things to say about betonline. Anyone know how long the express payout checks take to clear? bank said 2-3 days but I’d be shocked if it was that fast

    1. Totally depends on the bank. Sometimes a teller will send it to “internal collections” because it is an international check. It always clears, but that can add on an extra 2 weeks. At my big bank (rhymes with trace) most of my checks clear within a day or 2…

      1. 1st payout was cleared the very next day couldn’t believe it, but now i just deposited my 2nd payout its been 4 days now still hasn’t cleared. 2nd check came from a diff location then the 1st so guess thats the reason but not sure what the deal is with that must say was a bit thrown off when 1st was from Singapore but cleared very fast then the 2nd one came from Nova Scotia

        1. Can you let me know if your check from Novia Scotia ever cleared at your bank? The check I just received was from there and I couldn’t deposit it in my ATM due to it being “unreadable”, but I haven’t taken it inside yet.

  18. Very shady 50% bonus promotion. They calculate the rollover on the deposit+BONUS and you can’t withdraw for 30 days. Their TERMS say “Bonus subject to 10x rollover”…very shady

    1. Yea, I don’t like their 50% bonus deals. Luckily it is now back to the 25% bonus which only has a 6x rollover – but their is still the “no withdraw for 30 days” rule…

    2. I used every sports book that exist and I honestly can say this is the best site. My boy won $64k from $2 on ufc when every dog on that card won. They honored every dollar pay out. 100% trust worthy. The rollover is nothing. If u win u can make roll over easy.

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