Hockey Betting Tips

The NHL (National Hockey League) is a non-profit association that operates a major professional ice hockey league in North America. There are currently 30 teams that are part of the NHL (7 in Canada and 23 in United States). The head quarter of the NHL league is based in New York City. This league is considered to be one of the most important professional ice hockey leagues around the world.

A very important event of the NHL is the Stanley Cup, which is considered to be one of the oldest sports trophies that exist in the Northern American continent. Everything started back in 1917 in Montreal, Canada.

The players that are part of the NHL come now from all over the world there are players from more than 20 different countries. Even if the vast majority of them are from Canada, the percentage of players coming from other countries has increased over the last 40 years, especially from the former Eastern Bloc countries.

While the NHL is considered to be one of the 4 popular sports leagues in United States, it’s currently the number one sports in Canada.

Thanks to the great popularity of the NHL, this is probably one of the best places and events where you can start placing hockey bets. Almost each and every online sportsbook out there is going to offer full coverage over the NHL games and there will be a multitude of bets and a multitude of betting opportunities.

What are the most popular NHL bets available?

The NHL betting is considered to be very similar to baseball betting and other sports betting. This is the reason why in case you are familiar with betting on other sports, you can easily understand the bets that you can make on NHL matches.

Here is the list, along with a short description of some of the most popular bets that you can make on the NHL games:

NHL Money Line Bets – This is probably one of the most common bet types that you will find for a hockey game. This bet is also very simple to understand since you will basically need to pick up the team that you think it’s going to win the game. And based on the odds that are presented on the sportsbook site, you will get different payouts.

NHL Puck Line Bets – This is a bet which is specific to hockey. In case you are familiar with the RunLine bet from baseball, it’s going to be basically the same concept. By placing a puck line bet, you are wagering on the fact that a team is going to win by more than a certain number of goals.

NHL Over/Under Bets – This type of bet is also found at the basketball games. Here the sportsbook is going to give you a certain number of goals that will be made during the match on which you are placing the bets. Your job here is going to be to guess whether the total number of goals is going to be over or under that number.

NHL Prop Bets – These bets are usually created for certain pieces of the game. This means that you can place a bet on, which team is going to win the first period of the game, which team will score first and many other things like that, which have nothing to do to the outcome of the game.

NHL Future Bets – Just like the name says, the future bets are made for those players that want to place bets for things that will happen in the future. This means that betting on which team is going to win the popular Stanley Cup anytime in the off-season can be made with the help of the future bets.

NHL Live Betting – The live bets are those bets that you can make in the middle of the game, where the odds are going to change in real time. While these bets can be really exciting, they are offered only by a small number of online sportsbooks out there.

NHL Major Events

The NHL major events are definitely a big attraction for both fans and bettors. These are the events where the big money can be made, while betting on NHL.

National Hockey League Stanley Cup – is a club trophy that takes place every year. The Stanley Cup Finals are a very good betting opportunity.

National Hockey League All-Star Game – is more of an exhibition ice hockey game that is usually taking place in the middle of the regular season of the NHL. Here you will get the chance to see all the star legend players playing against each other. The money raised with the NHL All-Star Game is going to the pension fund of the players.

Olympic Hockey – The Olympic hockey games are definitely a nice sporting event on which you can place tons of successful wagers. While it’s very nice to watch the nation’s confronting each other, you get to see plenty of betting opportunities.

Top 5 NHL betting tips

Know the rules of the game – Before you start placing money on a hockey game it’s always best that you are very familiar with the rules of the game. The internet represents an excellent place where you could get started and read as much information about the game.

Do research – You should also be very familiar with the teams and the players. You have to read as many articles about them as possible. There is a world of information out there that is going to make you understand exactly what is currently going on in the NHL.

Take into consideration injuries and transfers – Since everything is going to happen on ice, there will be injuries. This is the reason why you should make sure that all the players of a team are in great shape before placing a bet. An injury to the star player of a team could easily change the faith of a match.

Use a successful NHL betting system – There will be plenty of betting systems available on the internet. Some are free, while others will require you to pay something to gain access to it. You can also find tons of online blogs that offer free picks, or check out our free picks.

NHL sports betting mistakes

Don’t stick to just one betting system – You have to be able to understand exactly what is going on in the league and adapt your strategy along the way. In case a betting system has proved to be good for some time and now things have changed and you’ve started to lose money, you should definitely seek for something new that is going to work.

Don’t get influenced by your favorite team – Even if sometimes it might be hard to bet against your favorite team, you should be able to do it in case all the information you have tells you to do it.

Don’t wager on popular teams and players – While the most popular teams and players get probably the highest amount of bets, you should know that the real betting opportunities are the less popular teams. There you will get the highest odds, even if the risk sometimes it’s going to be higher.


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