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Bovada really does deserve to be in your rotation of sportsbooks. Not always the best lines, but overall it is a solid betting site with a good reputation.
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$250 bonus with only a 5x rollover!

Bovada is the continuation of the popular Bodog brand under a new name – with branding and services which will be familiar to anyone who has bet at Bodog before. Unusually, they only allow customers from the U.S., which means worldwide sports bettors can’t open a betting account here and they must go to

Bovada was owned by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Corporation and was licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, but in 2015 Morris Mohawk ended operations.  The ownership of the Bovada business was transferred to Salmon River Technologies Limited and they are still running it in 2020. With a history going back more than 15 years, this trusted brand (Bodog/Bovada) provides easy payment options and generous promotions.

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Sports Covered by Bovada

As you’d expect from a US-only book, the focus is on providing lines for the big North American sports. Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball lines, props and live betting is offered. You’ll find plenty more sport coverage including Tennis, Golf and College Football. You can also bet on popular international sports including Soccer. Horse racing is popular enough here to get its own dedicated section of the website – with further tabs for regular races and the big events.

Site Layout and Overall Feel

The familiar Bodog-brand black and red design looks and feels very professional. The website is well laid out compared to many other Sportsbooks. The important pages have tabs across the top, while you can find the list of sports and lines available on the left hand side. Featured lines based on current events are easy to access, and there is a dedicated results tab too. The betting slip is on the right and updates dynamically as you add bets. This is tabbed, allowing you to view singles, parlays, teasers and round-robins separately.

sports betting lines at
Betting lines at Bovada are easy to read.

Bovada have made their website fully compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices via their responsive in-browser version. You do not need to download a dedicated app to use this feature, which will adapt to your screen-size automatically.

2020 Bonuses and Special Offers

New players get a free bet matched at 100% of your first deposit amount. This has a very easy 5x play-through requirement, in fact I can’t think of any other sportsbook that has less than 5x. Most sportsbooks have a 6x-10x rollover on bonuses. Once you turn over the deposit plus bonus amount 5 times the bonus is yours. There are weekly rebates for horse racing bets in addition to this bonus.

It is the regular one-off promotions which keep your bankroll topped up at Bovada. These change all the time based on which sports are in season. They range from free bets to bonuses for completing certain requirements (making three different types of bet on Baseball for example). I recommend you keep a close eye on the promotions page at the site to make sure you do not miss out on the latest promos.

You will also be offered additional bonuses – some of them also very generous – to try out the different gambling games at this site. This includes online poker and a casino packed with the latest slot and table game titles.

Depositing and Withdrawing From Bovada

Payment processing is a strong area for this Sportsbook. They have a range of easy options and a support team who specialize in getting deposits from US customers through. Back in 2016 Bovada made it simple and reduced it to just 2 deposit options and just 2 payout options.

Check out all the important details on our Bovada Deposit and Payout page including fees and payout times .


In 2020, Bovada only offers 2 deposit options; credit cards and bitcoin.  Visa and MasterCard often getting through first time. Pre-paid Visa cards which can be used for International purchases are also accepted.

The first credit card deposit is FREE.  After that it will be a hefty 5.9% fee added to credit card deposits.


For payouts it’s either Paper checks or the bitcoin option. Bitcoin is way faster if you’re all setup with a wallet (see our bitcoin guide for beginners to get started).

UPDATE: 1/25/19 – Just wanted to get this current again.  Bovada really wants everyone to use Bitcoin.  Getting started with bitcoin can be a pain in the ass, but if you’re going to be sports betting it will be much cheaper and faster than alternatives (credit cards, checks, etc)

8/8/18 – Status Quo for deposits/withdrawals. No major changes and timely payouts.

1/4/18 – Bitcoin is still the best option and payouts are taking anywhere from 15 minutes to 18 hours.

2/22/17 – Requested a bitcoin payout early Tuesday and received it about 16 hours later.  This is the preferred method for fast payouts.  I’m not sure if they process payout requests in the order they receive them, or if the amount may come into play..

As of 12/18/16 checks have slowed down and are taking 15-21 days to receive them.

2+ weeks for checks is not terrible in this industry, but for this reason we are lowering their cashout speed score for now..

What Makes Stand Out From Other Sportsbooks?

The main difference here is the focus on US sports fans. Their selection of sports bets, payment methods and promotions are all 100% dedicated to sports bettors from the United States. You get the familiarity and trust of a long running brand at Bovada, whom are the leaders in this business. Most important – THEY PAY FASTER THAN MOST SITES!

Add to this live betting, a great selection of prop bets and some generous and entertaining promotions and you’ll understand how this brand have remained so popular for so long.

Horse racing fans will appreciate the clean layout of this area of the site. You’ll have access to races from all over the US. Big events including the Breeders Cup and Triple Crown have their own selection of props and head-to-head bets.

Our Take of the Bovada Sportsbook

This is a long running and trusted brand that focus on the big North American sports. They have easy payment methods, a great looking website and offer plenty of promotions and specials to keep their loyal customers interested.


Bovada Banned States

Bovada does not accept new players from New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Utah or Washington State.


  1. 6.7
    Misguided misgrades

    I also had a baseball bet in the KBO misgraded. Bovada called it a win and paid the wager. Then reversed it and when I questioned it they quoted the score of a different days game and said I had lost. When I questioned that they then said that the listed pitcher didn’t start so it was a “non-action” and refunded the bet. When I asked for a linc to the bet where the pitchers were listed (the pitcher was not listed on the bet slip) they responded that they, “had already answered that question” and quit responding. The bonuses seem good but this kind of stuff gets annoying.

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Mobile Betting
    Deposit/Payout Options
    Live Betting
  2. 0.7
    What a scam!

    You can deposit money, but you cannot withdraw it. If you accept the “matched bonus” when depositing, you won’t be able to withdraw any of your winnings because they consider it a bonus. What a scam!

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Mobile Betting
    Deposit/Payout Options
    Live Betting
  3. Wow, Bovada just misgraded my wager. I have talked to the customer service they won’t change it. They even disregard the official website scores and stats. How would they run the sports betting business? smh

  4. Most comments about Bovada are outdated. They have updated their withdrawal services and take less time. They now accept Bitcoins with hardly any fees at all. You can even withdrawal through bitcoins for free. Before that however you had to get a paper check, and although their checks do take a long time it is most likely because they are shipped from Canada. They need to process your withdrawal, create the check, ship the check, pass customs, and then actually deliver the check. Its pretty explanatory why the checks sometimes take several weeks.. ALL my checks that I ever got arrived within three weeks. The only problem that I came to was the check ares from Canada with a Canadian bank, and therefore they cannot be cashed as U.S. ATM’s. At least they never seemed to work at my bank’s ATM’s and I have WellsFargo. However, once you take the check to the actual bank and tell them you want to cash it they have no problems at all cashing the check and the money is posted to your account within 2-3 days, normal processing time for a check deposit. Their online casino is a joke, like most other online casinos however. NEVER play online casinos unless they are live video casinos. Bovada does not have any video games and I would recommend staying away from the casino, they all seem to be rigged with low payoffs. That includes all game, slots, blackjack etc. Just stay away. As far as overall sport betting, Bovada has a number of different lines which include a variety of sports. One problem that I sometimes have, but usually do not is them holding my bets past the end of the betted event. This happens occasionally, but it usually if posted to my account within the next hour after the event is closed. Note that is is only for about 2% of all bets that this happens. This does not happen the often. If anyone would like to join Bovada I would highly recommend it for U.S. residents as this is one of the best U.S. sports books.

    1. Bovada is ripping off their Super Bowl prop bettors. They took action on whether Luke Bryan was wearing blue jeans at the Super Bowl, he was, and initially paid it. They were heavy on the Pats -3 like many casinos and took a hit when the game ended. The Sports Book manager then decided Luke was wearing black jeans and marked those tickets as a loss. There are a million photos that say otherwise but they won’t pay. Shady

  5. As I sit here typing this, the early game I bet on — Philadelphia minus 3 1/2 — was a winner for me. Unfortunately, it ended MORE THAN 40 MINUTES AGO and still has not posted as a win, preventing me (again) from getting a later bet in, since the game has already started (and is about halfway through the first quarter as we speak).

    A call to their customer service department had some English as a second language twit asking me for my name and email address three times, account number twice, putting me on hold twice, and finally coming back to tell me how sorry he was, but due to the high volume of action, they were experiencing delays. I guess they were taken by surprise that opening day of the NFL would be busy.

    This site is pure garbage. Stay away!

  6. Wow I’m so happy i looked for reviews before actually signing up with these fools! Thank you lord for giving me a brain and being able to use it properly. Always check reviews before signing up for anything with your own money.

    1. Always read reviews, but finding legit reviews and discussions by actual players is another thing. Most sportsbook reviews are shitty sales fluff that is written for marketers.

      Considering the limited sportsbooks available to the U.S., Bovada is actually decent for most players. The biggest plus of Bovada, is that they are trustworthy and you WILL receive your money. All USA sportsbooks have really slow check payouts. Bitcoin is actually pretty fast if you don’t mind jumping through the hoops to setup a wallet.

  7. Opening day of college football season, and Bovada’s service is already picking up on the low standards it left off with last season.

    I won my first game, but it did not settle as a win for more than 20 minutes, thereby preventing me from betting on the 2:30 p.m. game. Of course, that game is now winning easily, but because I couldn’t put any money on it, I am not. Nice.

    There is no reason whatsoever a site the “stature” of should take 20 friggin’ minutes to update — God knows if I had lost, it would have updated immediately.

    Customer service responses to this problem are nothing but excuses, and of the “well, you could have just bet live” nonsense. Yes, I guess I could have, but I’m not into “live betting” — I’d much rather put money on a game’s actual line than play the “spread by quarters” crap, which is a sure way to lose your ass.

    Get it together, Bovada. It’s not 2003 anymore.

    1. Yea, 20 min to settle is absolutely ridiculous for any game.. I’ve had some wins slow to settle (especially live betting) , but never anything close to 20 minutes…
      Just wondering – which game was it?

  8. I had them send me a check on payout and received it it normal time- took the 1000.00 dollar check to my bank and deposited and they explained that they had to send it through collections and it could take up to 60 days. It did take about 60 days and the collection company my bank used charged 40 dollars for the process- the surprising part was that the Canadian bank that the check was written on charger 130 dollars to cash their own check. Sent the paperwork to Brovada and the said they were not responsible nor do they profit. Interesting – They are correct about one thing- wont be a profit off me anymore.

  9. Used to play here all the time…until it got progressively worse:

    -The blackjack is a joke. Played 10 hands, dealer hits 18 or higher all 10 hands. Twice turned up a 5;

    -The live betting is not live. How do you average 16 points a quarter and score 35 in the 4th? Can’t tell you how many times I watched a clock go to 0:00, and at least 3 times jump up to 0:15, and lose a bet by a point;

    -The slots is so bad it’s amazing. Does anyone lose 21 times in a row and win absolutely nothing?

    -Has the highest lines of any book I’ve seen.

  10. Is this place really legitimate? I won 30k playing black jack and I have my doubts that I will ever receive any money? Is everyone’s issue with how long to withdrawal process is, or does Bovada find some way not to pay?

  11. 15 business days to get paid plus another 3 to 5 for check to clear is ridiculous. Its no problem accepting deposits immediately but request withdrawals then wait 3 weeks for your cash. Id rather drive across border and play at sports book. Sick of the waiting.

  12. I used to enjoy Bovada for it’s ease of use and reliability, but I have been waiting 7 weeks now for a $1,100 withdraw that they still have not completed. They have given some crap line about how their third party provider had issues and they are trying to deal with it as fast as they can. However I have called every single week to try to get my money, but they insist that they are doing all they can. As soon as I get my money back I will never use them again. Hopefully I get my money!

    1. I have been waiting since March 19th for a $700 deposit. I have emailed and called once a week since the money was delayed, and I have been given the same response.

      Be careful. Once you request money to be withdrawn, there is no guarantee when or IF you will receive those funds.

      Do not use Visa Fast Checkout. Request a check that can be tracked, or you won’t get your money!

  13. I found it ironic that a couple weeks ago I found that alternative point spreads where no longer a choice for college basketball. I still saw them if I used a friends computer without signing in but once I signed in on mine they no longer showed. Only possible reason I can think of is I had been steadily winning singles & parlays using the alternative point spreads. The only choice I have now for college basketball alternative point spreads is individual team totals. They just recently removed the alternative over/under spreads after I had to switch to them & starting winning. Now I’m looking for another site.
    Curious if this had happened to anyone else?

  14. Yeah these people are slipping big time…I feel like they got complacent because they were at one point considered the best, so they stopped trying to improve. They better step it up because competition is getting fierce…players have options and won’t put up with the whole I have the leverage here type of attitude from any sportsbook…and I feel like that’s what bovada has become.

  15. I used to LOVE bovada, My checks would be sent to me in 5 days and never had an issue, Suddenly my last payout took 22 days to get to me and they are telling me that I am no longer able to get my weekly casino bonus that it would be bi-weekly after arguing with the girl on the phone telling me I never got it every week and I had infront of me the weekly statements on their site which she tells me I am wrong and never could. After I give her the information of the reference number she puts me on hold and then comes back and says oh yes we have changed your account now you will only get it bi-weekly. When I asked for a manager she says “Nobody is available to talk to you, you can call back later”. Their customer service has gone IN THE TANK. I will be switching books.

    1. I’m not big on bovada their lines are terrible payouts are notoriously slow 15-25 days but they will take a deposit within seconds its sickening. It’s a site for people with no bookie in their city they live in. My book handles upto 5k max a game and pays and collects every Thursdays…no 20 day waiting..ridiculous.Bovadas just sickening.

      1. I am having the same issue. I have been a customer for 15 years now and have been waiting for a withdraw for 34 day now. When I got upset and asked to close my account they closed it out without even trying to keep me as customer. This place used to rock but it sucks big time now. My funds get taken from my account within minutes but a withdraw the same way has taken over a month now.

  16. i use bovada before, did not have problem with depositing money but when i withdraw my money, i got a check from canada and my bank never cleared it, it took me 3 months until i got tired following up on it. that was 2013. do you know any sport betting site which has an easy withdrawal options?. Thanks!

    1. That sound like a problem with your bank. There’s no reason a bank will not accept an international check. If it didn’t clear you should have contacted Bovada and they’d make it right and get you paid.

      For larger amounts (> $1.5k) go with the bank wire and you don’t have to deal with depositing and bank tellers.

      For quick and easy deposits/cashouts I’d recommend trying out bitcoins. Once you get it setup and get the hang of it everything is pretty simple.

      Another option is 5dimes since they have unique and easy withdraw options, like gift cards..

      1. Do you work for these people or something? You seem like you are doing PR with all these replies….their software glitches on me and placed a $100 bet twice. I called and they would do nothing…screw these people. Customer service wa terrible. They offered me zero remedy. Basically said “oh well it is what it is.”

        1. No, and I don’t mean to come off so pro-bovada. But among the online sportsbooks open to the US, I think they are a great option for your average sports bettor.

          TBH- I have hardly used them this football season. Maybe I’m just so favorable to them (bodog/bovada) since they were one of the first betting sites I’ve used. Part of it is loyalty and another part is that I have never had a problem.

          In 11 years, I’ve only had one issue – a check got returned from them (around 2013) and they issued me a new one and covered my bank fees for the returned check.

          They are a good book – are they the best? No. Do they have great lines? No.. but they are a solid book..

  17. These thieves will steel your money. I made 2 100 dollar deposits first one was a bust. The second I was able to run up to 600. But then I have a few small losses I decided to make a withdrawl of 432.78 dollars.

    I get this BS email that wants me to take pictures of the front and back of my credit card, and a picture of my iD. Nobody in there right mind should send anyone that kind of information. Let alone some thieves in another country.

    Fck those fckers at Bovada I am just gonna have my credit card reverse the charges I won’t get my winning but at least I will get my 200 back from these f’king thieves.

    1. Wow, you are angry today. What are you talking about? They are so-called “thieves” because they are trying to pay you your winnings while protecting themselves?

      Requests for copies of ID is not uncommon today at sportsbooks when someone deposits with a credit card and then cashes out. The reason is because a-holes would get paid out and then do a credit card chargeback to also get their deposit back. The sportsbooks have to request a copy of the card or your ID to protect themselves and their money – that’s good for their honest players.

      You don’t want to send theses “thieves” a copy of your ID, but you gave them your name, credit card #, exp date, ccv# and your billing address?? If you are trying to deposit/withdraw and be private, you should not be using your credit card! I recommend looking into bitcoin..

      I don’t see why you would do a cc chargeback, but whatever. You are going to run into this same issue at any reputable online sportsbook with a credit card, unless you’ve been with them for awhile.

    1. Yes, it’s their busy season and sometimes payments will slow. It’s hit or miss, but it definitely happens more during football season.

      They’ll get another processor and speed it up because they don’t want people leaving. I’ll update as soon as I hear any changes..

  18. Bovada is not even in the same ballpark as 5dimes. Why:

    Bovada is the last book to post line
    Bovada does not allow buying of points in most situations
    Bovada offers a binus but does not tell you it is for one single bet only
    Bovada’s lines SUCK! Maybe if you like underdogs they are ok but every move they make seems to be to take away your CHOICES
    Deposits are made to Phillipines so plan on having the government look closely at any transactions sent to a country with terrorist ties
    Oh and there are more reasons but this should be a good deterrant for all

    My review is THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO JOIN BOVADA when you have the option of 5dimes

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