Betting Strategy: Use the Dutching Technique when Betting on Sports

Simply put, “dutching” is a type of betting strategy that allows you to make smart and safe wagers every time you lay a bet. While this method does not promise huge payouts, it does deliver consistent wins with little risk, just what every sports gambler is looking for. The story goes that the name “dutching” comes from the name of its creator, and apparently that would be none other than Al Capone’s right-hand man, Dutchy Schultz. Dutch had an accountant who was a math genius and the two developed the system in one afternoon at the track. A gambling system created by a mobster and an accountant? Well, that’s gotta be legit.

The connotations of history aside, dutching is a very sensible way to gamble. Dutching strategies are most commonly used to win at horse racing, but they are also applied to football, soccer, and many other types of sports, too. It’s a simple concept and theory, but one that you need to understand well before starting because it requires some practice to really nail down.

What is Dutching?

The simplest way to describe dutching is as a way of spreading your chances of winning. Basically, you make a number of bets on the same game or race which allow you to cover a range of different possibilities at the same time. Each of these bets is designed to pay out the same, and because of this, you know how much you will win no matter what the result is. In other cases, the potential win could vary greatly.

It’s a good approach for gamblers looking to eliminate as much risk as possible. For instance, there may be a horse race in which you are sure that one of two or three horses will win. This strategy cuts out the risk of choosing the wrong one from the selection. Unlike matched betting, this isn’t always a guaranteed way of winning every single time. If you bet on more than one horse, obviously, you’ve increased your chances of winning. However, you might also fail to choose the right horse. Dutchers cut out this risk by dutching the whole field. This means that they bet every horse. The profits will be lower when dutching, but there is never a risk of losing money.

Finding the right situation to bet on is crucial to this strategy. This is where experience and a little math come into play. Obviously, if you could win by betting on every horse in every race, life would be easy, and tracks would go out of business. Since this isn’t the case, only certain races or sporting events lend themselves to the dutching strategy, and identifying those races and sporting events is essential.

You’ll also need a range of sportsbooks that offer prices that make it worth your while. Remember, this is a slow and steady approach to making money, not a get rich quick scheme.. When you place a large number of wager to basically win one, you aren’t headed to a big pay out. However, it is a smart approach to lowering the risk of losing. And, of course, in this day and age, there’s an app for that. Identify bets by using dutching software and you won’t need to spend a lot of time searching the sportsbook for good numbers.

Basic Dutching

The calculations that you need to make for a dutching strategy can be a little complicated. If we start off with a simple example it is easier to get a grip on. Let’s imagine that there are two horses you want to bet on. Each has odds of 5/1 and you want to bet a total of $20. Here, you want to split the bet and put $10 on each of them. This way you’ll win $50 if either of them wins and your overall profit will be $30. This is a very simple example and still involves some risk.

However, this is the basic strategy because things will get more complicated if the bets you’re interested in have varying odds. In this case, you need to work out how much you need to bet on each to get the same return and this requires putting different stakes on each horse. It’s even more complicated when you want the dutch the whole field. Here, you need to know how much to bet on each horse. You will also need to divide out the bets over a number of sportsbooks to find the correct odds.

As mentioned, not every race is suitable for dutching. There is a risk in spending time trying to work out which races to bet on, which is a terrible waste of time. Fortunately, dutching calculators are readily available and easy to use. You begin with how much you want to gamble and then put the odds for each wager into the dutching calculator. This will work out the exact amount you’ll need to bet. The numbers add up quick but so do the profits so be sure to use a reliable dutching calculator and you’ll be on your way.

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