Complete Guide to Live / In Game Betting

In game or “live betting” is the latest and greatest feature to be offered by online sportsbooks. Thanks to live betting, you’ll never miss placing a wager again because you missed the tip-off, kick-off, or first pitch. That’s right, you can now place a wager even though the game has already begun.

The innovation is even more useful than that however. As a game continues, odds, point spreads, and totals are all constantly updated as play continues. Every tick of the clock, touchdown, or run scored can change the line moment to moment, allowing sports gamblers to take advantage of mid-game fluctuations they were blocked from before. Sure, 2nd half wagers and bets made quarter to quarter where in the vein, however, live betting is different. There is much more to consider than specific periods of the game.

It’s the whole game with a whole new set of odds. Completely different point spreads and totally different totals. Therefore, it requires a completely different type of strategy and outlook to take full advantage of this new feature. Here are the factors to consider while using the live betting option.

Get the Number You Want

Quite often for successful sports gamblers, when it comes time to lay a wager, the numbers are just a little bit off. This could be because of the online sportsbook they use or because the line has moved. Whatever the case, the wager you wanted to make isn’t as appealing as it should be. You loved the Jets at +7, but when you go to place the wager, you find it at +6.5 and that half point is enough to give you pause a moment after it was a sure thing, Enter live betting. Every game has its ups and downs.

There is an ebb and a flow to every game that will ultimately end with a final score. If you didn’t like the number or the odds you were presented with before the game started, there are more odds, and therefore options, once the game has begun. Most live betting options will keep the feature available well into the second half so you’ll have plenty of time to find the number you originally believed in, allowing you to collect on action you otherwise would have missed out on.

Upsets in the Making

Successful gamblers watch a lot of games. What used to be simple fun and/or sophisticated research can now be utilized in a new way because to live betting. Akin to watching the stock market, waiting for the perfect time to buy or sell, watching a game follows the same set of rules and that’s buying low and selling high. Upsets in the making are the sleeper stocks of live betting. Big underdogs jump out on heavy favorites all the time and this makes live betting odds go crazy.

What was once a 20 point underdog is now a 10 point favorite early in the first half. Knowing what you know, it is only a matter of time before that once heavy favorite makes a comeback and cuts the lead if not taking it back. This happens all the time, especially in the NCAA. Look for rivalry games or conference games with underdogs playing at home. Heavy favorites are heavy favorites for a reason after all and it’s only a matter of time before they make things interesting, even if they fall short.

No More Chasing

We’ve all been there and chasing is the worst position any gambler can find themselves in. Unfortunately, it’s a situation you’re going to find yourself in, too. However, live betting makes for a great play when a sure-thing turns into a terrible play.

There comes a time during every loss when reality sets in and you realize you’re going to come out a loser. This is a perfect time to use live betting. If you use the option correctly, you can cut your losses, break even, or even come out ahead simply by placing a well-timed live bet. You’ve watched the game and can see the final coming. Now, it’s time to use that information to put you back on the right track.

Live Betting is Mobile

Another great innovation that goes hand in hand with live betting is mobile betting. Thanks to smartphones and other devices, you can place a wager from anywhere and this makes the live betting option even better. You no longer have to be tethered to your desktop in order to place a winning wager.

All you need is your phone. With live betting, it doesn’t matter where you are or when the game started. If you are using an online sportsbook without both of these options, you are missing out a big opportunities to make big cash. Live betting and mobile betting were made for each other and should be utilized as much as possible.

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