Guide for Betting Teasers

Oddsmakers are always there for you. If you can think of a wager, you can find a sportsbook to take it. And in today’s world of online sports betting, accessibility is the least of your worries. Sports gambling, online or otherwise, has a large variety of wagers to place on any sport, game, league or season. Straight wagers, totals, and point spreads. Moneylines and parlays. Even with the thousands of options, sports gamblers can find a set of wagers they like to employ and stick with them, for better or for worse.

Over the years, oddsmakers have gotten quite creative with their offerings. New types of wagers are available every day. Some complicated, some not. Finding the best wager for you requires some research because many of the more intricate wagers can be intimidating to many, especially upon first glance. However, if a sports gambler wants to be a successful sports gambler, it is important to know as many types of wagers as you can in order to find the valuable bets to make your wagers successful ones.

What every successful gambler wants is a good bet. One with a big-time payout and as little risk as possible. Big reward, minimal risk, that’s what we call value and that’s the key to being a successful sports gambler. And there is no way to find this unless you are familiar with every wager available. Learn the wagers, know the wagers and one of the latest and most popular wagers is the teaser.

An interesting wager to say the least, the teaser is a great bet that will limit your risk and maximize your earnings when played properly. Here is a guide to teasers and how to play them properly, setting you on the path to success.

The teaser is a mix of many wagers and is usually reserved for football and basketball. It’s the strange offspring of parlays, point spreads and totals and there is much to consider. However, once you have an understanding of how all these factors work together into a single wager, you’ll see why the teaser is such a solid play. In parlays, you pick the winners of 2 or more games. If all of these winners come in.

You collect on all of the compounded odds of the games. If any one of the teams you’ve picked suffers a loss, your entire wager loses. The parlay is, by its very nature, a very risky wager. Sure, it has a great payout but the risk is too much at times to make it a wise sports wager and this is where the teaser comes in. Just like a parlay, a teaser is a wager on 2 or more outcomes of a game.

However, with a teaser, you are able to adjust the point spreads and the totals in your favor in exchange for a different odds and therefore payouts. A teaser will incorporate two bets, one on the point spread and one on the totals. Your odds are determined by the sport you are playing and the amount of points adjusted. There are bad teasers and there are good teasers and it is important to know not just what they are but how to play them.

When placing a teaser, you will usually receive a few options as to how many points you can swing the point spread and the totals. There are 4 point teasers, 5 point teasers, and 5.5 point teasers, just to name a few. Similar to buying points, the more points you use, the more you lower your odds and payout. However, while buying points is a big sports gambling no-no, using a teaser has better odds and payouts in the first place so lowering them a little isn’t seen as a mistake. That looks at an example to clear things up

Let’s say you are looking at the New England Patriots versus the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots are a 10.5 favorite with an over/under of 49.5. You like the Patriots and the over because you think they will score a bunch of points.

However, you are concerned about the point spread and whether or not they can cover. This is a perfect time for a teaser so you decide to tease the wager with 4 points. Since you like the over, you take it and since you don’t know about them being able to cover, you take the Colts plus the 10.5. Once you’ve entered this into a four-point teaser, boom. These numbers change. The over is lowered four to 45.5 and the Colts points are raised to 14.5. The final comes in with the Patriots winning the game at 38-28 and you cover the over as well as the 14.5 spread.

Be sure to note that final score. The over, just as you expected, came in no problem at the original totals number. However, you were right to worry about the Patriots being able to cover the 10.5. Without your teaser, you would have lost that wager. Winning the over is nice and all but would have only taken the sting off the point spread loss. The teaser on the other hand, got you the win and even though you lowered your odds a bit, one win beats one win and one loss every time. Consider the teaser and improve your reward by limiting your risk.

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