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Tony Romo Dallas QB Injured: What QBs Are Susceptible?

NFL QB injury worries Romo
Tony Romo was injured again this week.

Let’s face it and own up to it, when a starting quarterback goes down it is tough to replace him. Sports bettors need to realize that there are those signal callers who have NFL QB injury worries.

We picked the Dallas Cowboys to finish first in the NFC East this year. But word comes today that aging starter and often injured Tony Romo is down and out for 6-10 weeks! Along with the idea that the Dallas starter will need time to recover is the problematic and serious nature of his injury. Romo has a fractured vertebra in his back. That may heal in the allotted time, or it may not.

Romo is aging and has had numerous injuries that have resulted in him missing extended time on the field. This latest problem could sideline him longer. This will be the fourth straight season that the star QB will miss at least one game.

Factors Contributing to QB Injuries

Luck, who was injured numerous times last season, is vulnerable.
Luck, who was injured numerous times last season, is vulnerable.

Despite the fact that the football league has out in numerous safeguards to protect quarterbacks, there are numerous NFL QB injury worries. There are various factors that make quarterbacks susceptible. Four major situations that can exacerbate the tendency towards injury are:

  • Inexperience and Risk taking
  • Previous Injury
  • Age
  • Weak offensive line

The four factors listed above contribute mightily to a quarterback’s health. Any two of the four put him at risk, and any three come close to guaranteeing an injury where the team’s starting QB will be missing for at least a few weeks.

NFL QB Injury Worries

Roethlisberger has been in this position many times.
Roethlisberger has been in this position many times.

These are the quarterbacks who we feel are both vulnerable to injury and whose absence would cause major problems for their teams. Most have suffered fairly serious injuries or numerous health issues. Some have been chosen due to their inexperience and/or weak offensive line, which can result in the QB getting hot way too often.

  • Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)– aging, injuries, and poor offensive line
  • Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens)- coming off torn ACL and weak line
  • Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)- inexperience and troublesome O-line
  • Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)- numerous injuries and weak offensive line
  • Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)- Second season and poor O-line allowed league leading 54 sacks in 2015
  • Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)- aging and often injured
    Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)- aging and often injured

Futures and Game-Day Betting

Tennessee's Marcus Mariota suffered two knee injuries in 2015, his first season.
Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota suffered two knee injuries in 2015, his first season.

When betting futures you’ll want to consider who may be backing up these starters. In addition, during the long NFL season make sure that you keep up on injury reports. You want to be prepared to adjust your handicapping for NFL QB injury worries and for those who end up getting knocked out for a game or more.


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