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Maryland Seeing New Betting Options

The Maryland sports betting market just continues to grow, and the state is putting up some terrific numbers. There have been some hiccups throughout the last few months in the state of Maryland, but the sports betting market also continues to grow. 

This is a state that should continue to see plenty of growth in the future, but June and July have been some big months for this market. There were two new online sportsbooks that launched in the state over the last two months, and that is going to continue to help push the numbers forward. 

Fanatics Launches in June


Fanatics Sportsbook made its debut during the month of June, and that was the 10th online sportsbook in the state of Maryland. Fanatics Sportsbook is not yet a big name in the sports betting industry, but it is going to be trending in that direction. 

It was a bit of a slow start for Fanatics in the state of Maryland during the month of June, as the total sports betting handle was $1.6 million for that operator. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who studies this industry as bettors at Fanatics have to create a retail sports betting account to access the sportsbook. 

It’s going to be tough for Fanatics to make a big move in the state as there are two clear leaders. DraftKings Sportsbook had 37% of the online market share during the month of June, and FanDuel was over 45%. 

That just doesn’t leave a ton of room for other online sportsbooks in the state to put up some big numbers, as the total sports betting handle was $254.4 million. Sportsbooks in the state did put up some good numbers in the state as the total sports betting handle was over 10.6%. 

Crab Sports Goes Live


The state of Maryland now has 11 online sports betting options as Crab Sports is live in the state as well. Having a state with 11 online sports betting options does create a very competitive sports betting market, but it’s unclear if this option is going to bring in many bets. 

The official launch came after the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission required Crab Sports to undergo a test period. This is a pretty typical process for online sports betting operators as the state wants to ensure that there aren’t any issues with the overall launch. 

Crab Sports might not be a big name in the online sports betting industry, but this operator has all of the tools to be a top online sportsbook in the state. Crab Sports already has a solid backing in the state as it has been able to acquire sports bettors through some aggressive advertising. 

There are some really nice bonuses and promotions offered from Crab Sports, and that is a great way for customers to get a nice bonus before ever making a wager. It’s going to take some time for Crab Sports to make a bigger presence in this industry, but it should continue to help push the market forward.

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