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Jerry Jones Calls Sports Betting “inevitable” in Texas

The topic of sports betting continues to be discussed in the state of Texas, and one of the most powerful owners in sports has cast his opinion.

The topic of sports betting continues to be discussed in the state of Texas, and one of the most powerful owners in sports has cast his opinion. In a recent interview, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, stated:

“The handwriting’s on the wall. Gambling has been here a long time.” – Jerry Jones

Jones believes, and rightfully so, that betting on sporting events is already taking place in the state of Texas, especially on Dallas Cowboys games. Legalizing the industry would help end the illegal gambling that takes place, and the Cowboys would be at the center of it all.

Lawmakers in Texas have spent the last few years trying to legalize sports betting, but there has just been too much opposition. Texas is a state that does not have any commercial casino options, and gambling is not big in the Lone Star State.

The next attempt to legalize sports betting in Texas won’t come until 2023, as that is the next time that lawmakers are set to meet. That would only be the first step, but it might be the most difficult step to get past.

If legislators in Texas were able to pass a new bill in 2023, it would then be placed on the ballots as a referendum in 2024. That means that the earliest sports betting could be offered in 2025, unless something changed about the current lawmaking process.

Louisiana is set to launch sports betting later this year, and that could put some pressure on Texas to do the same. Oklahoma has also made some attempts to allow Native American tribes to offer sports betting as well, but those efforts have not yet materialized.

The Cowboys already have a partnership in place with the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma and another deal with the Texas State Lottery. Sports betting operators would be lining up for a chance to partner with the Cowboys.

Tony Romo to Boost Gambling?

Not only does Jones believe that Texas will soon have legal sports betting options, but he also thinks that one former Cowboys quarterback will play a key role in helping bettors. Tony Romo is now an NFL analyst for CBS, and he is known for providing terrific insight during NFL broadcasts.

Jones believes that Romo’s analysis and breakdown of a game will help bettors cash in on some bets, especially those done in a live betting situation. The NFL has taken an aggressive approach when it comes to sports betting, and it does allow odds to be used during broadcasts.

The Cowboys owner stated:

“Watch him sit there and say and use the vernacular that he uses, talks about how the safety’s too close to the hash, or how the corner’s too far in the middle or over on the hash. And he’ll say the quarterback will see that, and you’ll see the ball going in that direction to that guy right there.” — Jerry Jones

This information is currently being delivered by Romo to help viewers learn more about the game of football, but Jones believes it brings in the element of sports betting. Jones is clearly on board with the legalization of the industry, but it’s up to the lawmakers to get a deal done.


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