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2018 World Cup Futures

How to Bet Best Odds Futures

Team Brazil is at +450

The latest 2018 World Cup Futures have Germany and Brazil both at +450. After that, it’s Spain ay +600, France at +700, and Argentina at +900. What do all of these nations have in common? They are five of the just eight nations that have won at least one World Cup. Brazil has won five and German own four.¬†Argentina has collected two championship wins and France and Spain one. Plus, the sum total of finals all of these teams have made comes to 23. That means in in 20 World Cups, these five teams have been to the final match 23 times.

Team Germany has futures odds of +450.

Italy, which has won four World Cups and been runners-up twice, did not make it into the Group Round. The last time they won the event was 2006. The other two nations that have each won the event, Uruguay (2 wins) and England (1 win), are ninth and seventh respectively, The odds on Uruguay are +3300 and England +1600.

Futures Offer Sweet Payouts

Team Spain is at +600.

The thing about 2018 World Cup Futures is that they offer very sweet payouts. They really allow smart soccer bettors to hedge their bets. Consider the type of football betting system where you spread your futures bankroll amongst a range of teams. It allows for a profit ranging from about 9% up to almost 50%. (Please note: the below betting outlines DOES NOT guarantee a profit. It serves as an example of how to hedge your bets.)

Team Odds Risk ($1,100) Payout Profit
Germany +450 $300 $1350 $250
Brazil +450 $300 $1350 $250
Spain +600 $200 $1200 $100
Argentina +900 $150 $1350 $250
England +1600 $100 $1600 $500
Uruguay +3300 $50 $1650 $550

If you are wagering on futures, consider spreading your bets around. There are various ways to do so. The above table serves as one example that has a lower risk than simply playing long shots. One common wagering strategy is to place small wagers on various teams that have especially high odds. Something important to remember about the World Cup is that teams that appear to be top clubs, more often than not, perform up to or near to expectations. Visit our hub for more information from Betting Brain on the 2018 World Cup and wagering on this huge event.

Current 2018 World Cup Futures

Below are the latest futures. Remember that odds do shift and vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. You may be able to use various books to garner an 5-to-15 percent edge.

Team Odds
Germany +450
Brazil +450
Spain +600
France +700
Argentina +900
Belgium +1100
England +1600
Portugal +2500
Uruguay +3300
Croatia +3300
Russia +3300
Colombia +4000
Poland +6600
Mexico +8000
Denmark +8000
Switzerland +10000
Sweden +10000
Senegal +15000
Serbia +15000
Egypt +15000
Iceland +15000
Japan +20000
Nigeria +20000
Peru +20000
Costa Rica +25000
Morocco +30000
Iran +30000
Australia +30000
South Korea +40000
Tunisia +50000
Panama +100000
Saudi Arabia +100000


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