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NFL News: Week 14 Events Include Firing of Ram Coach Jeff Fisher

2016 week 14 NFL news
Fisher is out.

It’s that time of the season in the NFL when big things happen.  Thus, we’ve created our 2016 week 14 NFL news. Some teams push towards the playoffs, others realize they have no chance to get to the postseason, and, overall, ecstasy, tension, and frustration reign (depending upon a club’s fortunes).

In addition to having an entire week of games to review, there’s additional news this week. Here’s our 2016 week 14 NFL news.

Jeff Fisher Fired by Rams

NFL preseason injuries
The Rams are the lowest scoring team in the NFL.

The first story in our 2016 week 14 NFL news involves the low-scoring Rams. They are averaging 14.9 PPG. That’s dead last in the league. Today, the Rams fired head coach Jeff Fisher after the team went 4-9 in its first season back in Los Angeles. Overall, Fisher’s mark with the Rams is 31-45-1 over close to five seasons. The Rams are struggling terribly on offense and have looked abysmal.

With Fisher gone, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson said that he will return to the Rams’ sidelines. In November, Fisher had told the former Ram star to vacate the premises. This was due to the fact that Dickerson’s unfavorable remarks about the team were creating an uncomfortable situation for Fisher. With Fisher gone, Dickerson is back.

Miami QB Knee Injuries Revealed

The hit on Tannehill.

The Miami Dolphins (8-5) unexpectedly have a shot at the playoffs. But there has been growing fear today amongst those at Miami that the injury to QB Ryan Tannehill may have changed all of that.

Tannehill was hit low in the game against Arizona on Sunday. DT Calais Campbell’s hit knocked him out of the game. The Miami quarterback had to be carted off the field.

There was some good news today. At least for Tannehill and the team in the long run. The Miami QB has a sprained ACL and MCL. Neither is torn. That means he won’t need surgery and the rehab time is shorter. However, along with that good news, there’s bad news. He will not be able to return this season.

Backup Matt Moore, who replaced Tannehill, looks to be the starter now. The Dolphins did beat beat the Cardinals 26-23 on Sunday.

Giants Cowboys’ Nemesis

The Cowboys were pretty much shutdown by the Giants.

The Cowboys have been beaten twice this season and both times by the New York Giants. The second time, which was last night on Sunday Night Football, may have been especially frustrating for Dallas for various reasons.

First, a win would have allowed them to secure home field to the NFC playoffs. Second, they really wanted revenge for the one-point loss they suffered at the hands of the Giants in week one. Third, a win would have really catapulted this team’s status.

Instead, the NY Giants proved two things, Dallas is vulnerable and they have their number. It should be an interesting postseason if these two teams meet again. The score last night was 10-7.

2016 Week 14 NFL News

That’s if for our 2016 week 14 NFL news. There’s more looming as every injury, miscue, and incident becomes much more important the closer we get to the playoffs.


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