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2016 NFL Preseason Over: What We Learned, Know, and Don’t Know

2016 NFL preseasonThe 2016 NFL preseason ended on September 1, making way for the start of the regular season. That begins on Thursday, September 8 at 8:30 p.m. at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium with a rematch of this past Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. The Broncos won that last matchup and are the reigning Super Bowl champs.

As head towards the time that so many NFL sports bettors cherish, the regular season, it might be a good idea to see what we can garner from the 2016 NFL preseason.

2016 NFL Preseason Quick Hits: AFC

2016 NFL preseasonFirst, here are 16 bullet points highlighting some of what we can surmise from this year’s preseason.

  • New England Patriots should do okay without Brady for four games, maybe 2-2
  • Miami Dolphin looks to have a healthy running game
  • Buffalo Bills’ HC Rex Ryan will be fired after this season
  • New York Jets may be the third-best NFL team in NY State
  • Baltimore Ravens are looking better than we thought
  • Cincinnati Bengals don’t look as good as we thought
  • Pittsburgh Steelers may be the worst good team in the NFL
  • Cleveland Browns will have a losing season
  • Houston Texans can score points and stop opponents from doing the same
  • Tennessee Titans can also score points and also stop opponents from doing the same
  • Indianapolis Colts are plagued by injuries and have no ground attack
  • Jacksonville Jaguars are a last place team
  • Kansas City Chiefs have a shot at the division crown
  • Denver Broncos have lost some of their shine
  • Oakland Raiders are neither good nor are they bad
  • San Diego Chargers have weak scoring chops

2016 NFL Preseason Quick Hits: NFC

2016 NFL preseason

And now here are our 16 NFC quick hits. Here’s what we can deduct from the preseason.

  • Philadelphia Eagles may surprise and overachieve
  • Washington Redskins still need to change their name (and they need better D)
  • New York Giants are nothing to write home about
  • Dallas Cowboys are already heading to the final roundup with no D
  • Minnesota Vikings may be fine without Bridgewater at QB
  • Green Bay Packers will be competitive but not a shoe-in
  • Detroit Lions will play spoiler
  • Chicago Bears need an offense
  • Atlanta Falcons may do a bit better than most thought
  • Carolina Panthers don’t have enough to make it back to the Super Bowl
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers have improved and will be a factor
  • New Orleans Saints cannot be a force without a defense
  • Seattle Seahawks will be division champs
  • San Francisco 49ers are not as good as they looked in the preseason
  • Los Angeles Rams are quarterback confused and confounded
  • Arizona Cardinals need to find their team and fast

Get in the Game

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