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2016 NFC Playoff Status as Week 11 Comes to an End

2016 NFC PlayoffsWell, the NFC is certainly an interesting ride. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot have redefined the Dallas Cowboys, giving them a clear, solid path to the 2016 NFC Playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals, who seemed to have so much promise when it comes to the 2016 NFC Playoffs, are looking as if they are out of it.

NFC Division Winners

imgresThe Dallas Cowboys (9-1) are not only the top of the heap in the NFC East, but they are also tops in the league. The Cowboys, after losing a very close first game to the New York Giants, have met every test. Whether they’ve been up against top defenses, overpowering offenses, or division leaders, they have met the test. The only team close to them in the NFC is the Seattle Seahawks (7-2) and Dallas has a two-game lead over them.

In the NFC North, the Detroit Lions (6-4) and Minnesota Vikings (6-4) come into week 12 with the same record. However, the Lions are on top due to their better conference record. As these teams go down the homestretch, Minnesota has the better schedule, but the Lions have the healthier team. These two clubs meet this week. Minnesota has to win that game to have a shot at the division. We don’t think that they will. The Lions look to take this division.

falcons342The Atlanta Falcons (6-4) lead the NFC South by a game and the second place Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5) are on a roll. At his point, they have the same conference records. They’ve already met twice and split those two games. The Falcons have a much kinder schedule than the Bucs and will win the NFC South.

The NFC West is the Seattle Seahawks (7-2) division to lose. The Seahawks, who have won three straight, have a very kind schedule. There is not one team on their schedule that has a winning record and the Arizona Cardinals (4-5) are second in the division.

NFC Wild Card Teams

free 2016 NFL picksWe certainly like the New York Giants (7-3) when it comes to the first wild card berth. They have a superior record when it comes to all other contenders. Next in line are the Washington Redskins. Kirk Cousins and the Washington offense are playing amazing football, and the Skins’ D is coming through also. The Minnesota Vikings (6-4) are contenders.

Both the Vikings and Redskins have to face the Cowboys. Could those two games decide who snags the second wild card? It could, but when push comes to shove, it’s Minnesota that needs to beat Dallas, even if Washington loses to Dallas.

2016 NFC Playoffs: Final Word

The Cowboys and Seahawks are both in fine shape. The San Francisco 49ers (1-8), Chicago Bears (2-9), and Philadelphia Eagles (5-5) are out of it. The Carolina Panthers (4-6) and New Orleans Saints (4-6) would need an amazing string of wins to even be in contention. That’s the 2016 NFC Playoffs as of week 11.


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