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Brooklyn Nets at Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 Betting Preview

The Brooklyn Nets were able to end the playoff run for the Boston Celtics in just five games, and from the looks of it, they’re looking to do it faster against the Milwaukee Bucks. With an overwhelming win on Monday, the Brooklyn Nets head to Milwaukee with determination, looking to get one win closer to a sweep. PG James Harden remains “Questionable” for Thursday night’s matchup.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been called out by a plethora of media analysts, former coaches, and former players for their lackluster play in this series. It was evident in the first game that the Bucks were being outplayed by the Brooklyn Nets offense and game two was an even larger indication of the differences between these teams.

Most bettors have flocked to the sportsbook to place money on the Nets to not only win the series but win the entire conference. Although that’s not a terrible bet to place, we have to remember that Milwaukee has found ways to beat the Nets before.

Even without James Harden, the Nets play like a team that has been together for years

Any team James Harden has been a part of instantly soared to the top of the NBA, but something we don’t often take into consideration is the team’s performance without him. To be fair, the Nets are lacking nothing in the superstar department. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the helm, the Nets will still be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets have also found a way to limit the output of Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. It could be due to the fact that C Blake Griffin has the same physical attributes and therefore is able to stand up against “the Greek Freak.” This technique the Nets have implemented has forced Antetokounmpo to take more shots from the perimeter, something he’s not used to.

After an embarrassing game two, the Bucks return home to Milwaukee

By no means is this the end of the series, but the Milwaukee Bucks need to turn the tables on the Nets quickly to avoid being eliminated early. The Brooklyn Nets only allowed the Boston Celtics to win one game before easily eliminating them. The key to Milwaukee’s success in this series, though, is not relying too heavily on Antetokounmpo.

The Bucks saving grace is returning home to Milwaukee but don’t be sold on them just yet. They have a 19-19 ATS record when playing at home, while the Nets have a 20-18 ATS record when visiting. The Bucks have also gone 4-9 ATS in their last thirteen games, and if Harden is in the lineup for Brooklyn, this could be a rough night.

Who’s the best bet on Thursday night? Brooklyn Nets +3.5

It might seem odd that the Nets are actually the underdog in this game but without Harden and playing on the road seems to be just enough for the sportsbook to list them at +3.5. This is great news for bettors, however, and gives you a perfect opportunity to take the Nets here.

Even if the Bucks were to win, it’d be by a slight margin, and if James Harden does return to the court, Brooklyn’s the best bet to make. Take the road team here to win the third game of this series and, placing the Bucks on the brink of elimination, Brooklyn Nets +3.5.

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