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NFL Preseason Picks: Week Two Chicago at Pats and More

2016 NFL Preseason Picks: Week Two
2016 NFL Preseason Picks: Week Two

Picking 2016 NFL Preseason games is very tricky. After all, it is the preseason. It’s a time when teams are testing players, schemes, and units. Still, for sports bettors making some 2016 NFL preseason picks can get the betting brain going again. You don’t want to bet the farm on the preseason. But you can make a few bets to get the juices going. We have three picks for this week that focus on contests with soft odds. Here are our 2016 NFL preseason picks for week two.

Chicago at New England

chicagoIn the first week of the 2016 NFL preseason, the New England Patriots beat the New Orleans Saints in a scoring fest. The final numbers were 34-22. That game was on Thursday night. That same night the Chicago Bears hosted the Denver Broncos. The Broncos came in with quarterback questions and despite that fact hammered the Bears 22-0. One thing Denver does not have is defensive questions and that was clear when they met Chicago.

Chicago travels to New England on Thursday, August 18. Chicago is challenged on both offense and defense. The Patriots certainly have some defensive questions, but they aren’t as worrisome as those that the Bears carry. Expect the Pats to score as much as possible. Why? They want to be sure that backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo is not just ready for the first game of the regular season, but, also, for games two through four.

In this 2016 NFL preseason pick, we like the Patriots at -4.0.

Miami at Dallas

dallasOur second 2016 NFL preseason pick considers the Miami Dolphins who beat the New York Giants 27-10 on Friday, August 12. In the meantime on Saturday, August 13 the Dallas Cowboys lost to the reconstituted Los Angeles Rams 24-28. The two teams meet Friday, August 19 at 8 p.m. The Cowboys are at -3.0.

The question is can Miami hammer away at Dallas the way that they did at the Giants? I think not. The Giants are in disarray. They were prime for picking especially in the first week. The Cowboys are a first-place NFC East club, while the Giants are a third-place team. Miami is, at best, a third-place team in the AFC East.

We are going with the Cowboys at home at -3.0.

San Francisco at Denver

SFSan Francisco comes to Denver to play one of the best defenses in the NFL. The 49ers lost their first game 24-13 to Texas. That was on Sunday, August 14. Denver totally took apart Chicago in Chicago. That score, as noted above, was 22-0. The Denver D will easily handle Chicago’s offense, and the Broncos will put together enough offense to win.

Look for the Broncos to continue to hone their offense and to get closer to choosing who will be their starting quarterback in three weeks. Chicago will try to contain the Broncos but without much success. It will be tough for the Bear offense to pick up yardage and just as tough for them to hold onto the ball.

In our final 2016 NFL preseason pick, we do like the Broncos at -3.5


Final Note: 2016 NFL Preseason Picks

NFL preseason picks tend to have a little more substance. At least there’s been one week of play, and sports bettors have a sense of the clubs. We think we’ve got some solid picks here, but please remember this is the preseason. These are always tough picks to make. Good luck!


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