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TopBet Review
In a Nutshell...
TopBet was a decent sportsbook, then around July 2016 payments slowed and are still very very slow (5+ months) in July 2017..
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Slow payments: 3-6 months!
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Beware – Way too many reports of unpaid payouts that are 3-6 months old.  For that reason we are adding to our blacklisted sportsbook list.  There are too many superior sportsbooks that payout fast, for you to be dealing with Topbet.

We will keep the review listed below (from early 2016) for informational purposes.

If you see a website that has Topbet in their “Top 5 Sportsbook” they are a joke and either has outdated information or they are just online marketers that don’t really care about sports betting.

Topbet is a relatively new entrant to the sports betting industry, launching in 2011. They have rapidly become a popular destination for US sports fans thanks to their wide range of promotions, but in 2016-2017 things have started to go south mainly with slow payouts. Specializing in catering for the US based gambler, this site offers both sports betting and casino games. Topbet is run out of Manila in the Philippines and is licensed by the government of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Sports Coverage at Topbet

Topbet specialize in the major US sports and offer a wide range of markets and lines. In addition, they offer a selection of lines for College Football, Boxing and Golf. Other sports covered include Soccer, Tennis, NASCAR and MMA, plus many other niche and international sports too.

This site does not have a separate book for Horse Racing, though they do allow you to bet on the big racing events though their regular sports betting interface.

Placing Bets At Topbet

Unlike many books, you are not hit with too much information right from the homepage. Instead of seeing a sea of numbers and lines, you’ll get clear navigation to the sports you are most interested in. There is a menu on the top for the major areas of the site (including their casino and cashier), with the sports listed on the left hand side. I recommend you check the main ‘promotions’ tab regularly, as there are new offers here all the time.

The main betting displays are concise and ad free, with just the key lines information and options available. There is a drop down menu on the bet ticket which allows you to adjust for parlay betting, reverse bets and singles.

Mobile users can access the fully responsive site from all major phone and tablet brands. There is no app to download. Once you access the website it detects your device and displays the mobile-optimized version.  I am not a fan of their mobile site, but I guess it could be worse..

Bonuses and Special Offers

New players will receive a first deposit bonus of 50% up to $250 – which has a competitive 5x roll-over requirement. On top of this you will also get a 10% bonus on every future deposit.

Promotions are changing all the time, and often include free bets on whatever sporting event is happening at the time. For example, free NBA finals bets, or a Sunday night baseball offer. You will sometimes find risk-free casino chip offers added. Check the promotions tab at now to see the latest deals.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Topbet

US deposit options include both MasterCard and Visa credit cards. You’ll find these go through first time regularly. Pre-paid Visa and QuickCash deposits are also possible here. Western Union deposits can also be made. You’ll need to speak with the customer support team and get a number and recipient name before you use this method. Minimum deposits are higher than at some books, with $50 the smallest amount for credit cards.

Beware – Only 2 Payout Options – paper checks and Western Union payouts. Both work great, but other books offer bank wires, bitcoin and other options.

Withdrawals can be made by paper check which will arrive in 30-45 days, and one free cash out is allowed per month. There is a courier option for check withdrawals available. You may also be able to cash out using Western Union’s ‘Rapid Transfer’.  Payments have really slowed down around September 2016 and still have not picked up as of May 2017.

What Makes Topbet Stand Out From Other Sites?

TopBet focus on US sports and offer a great selection of lines and bets which include options for both serious bettors and casual sports betting fans. By tying promotions to the major events, they give you the chance to enjoy some entertaining extra bets.

There is both a generous welcome bonus and a lifetime 10% for extra deposits here.

This book is clean and easy to use, and has developed an excellent responsive mobile interface. I would recommend Topbet over some of the bigger books if you want to enjoy betting while on the move.

TopBet Review – Summed Up

This is a relatively new book which is growing quickly in their core market of the US. A clean interface, including mobile site, plus regular promotions and special deals are behind their success. With a focus on US sports and easy deposit and withdrawal options – this book should continue to grow. Check out the latest offers at for yourself now.


  1. I requested two payouts around June-July and have not received anything till this day. I finally decided to check out the website again, and noticed it is updated, along with the cancellation of my two withdrawals, which were updated back to the website. I called for a withdrawal, and was informed I did not receive my payouts due to website updates. So my “new” withdrawal which is pending again. I wonder if I can possibly sue them.

  2. Tried to withdraw $800 in April 2018. After a month and no check I called back. I was told there was a problem in the finance department but they were working to resolve the problem. Another month passed and no check so I called back. I was given the same reason and when I asked how long I could expect to be paid, I was told not to call back, they would contact me when the problem was resolved. Two months later I received an email from telling me not to forget about the money in my account. I logged on and the $800 was back in my account. Since the website looked different, I checked to see if requesting a withdrawal was still the same. They had added an online withdrawal request form so I filled that out instead of calling and requesting the withdrawal. That was 5 weeks ago and still no check when they claim it’s only supposed to take 15-20 days.

    1. Everything I’m reading suggests they are on the float. I’ve yet to deposit on their site and are somewhat afraid to after everything I read. I parlayed a free round into $1700+ and would love to get my hands on it, but sadly wonder if I should bother, site requires a deposit to withdraw? Seems fishy.

  3. 5.1
    How to get TOPBET 2 pay

    They pay, just takes u to threaten them#i got good way!!! I got paid with in 3 days after i used secret weapon

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Deposit/Payout Options
  4. 8.8
    No Problem with payouts

    I have received, two payouts from Topbet, both within 20 days of the request. The second arrived today.

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Deposit/Payout Options
  5. Been waiting since may 20th for a 2500.00 payout. Every time I ask thry say the same thing. 5 months of being told they have no control over their money and where it goes is a little strange. They’re theifs. Point blank. Still waiting on a tracking number from a bunch of crooks.
    It’s so disturbing. How is this just… ok?

  6. Wish I read all these before. Waiting on 2500 pay off since June 1. Now it’s aug. pisses me off don’t know what I can do about it. They keep giving me same bullshit “still pending”. Like to here if anyone actually got any money yet

  7. Thanks for being honest with your reviews regarding topbet. I’m still waiting for my 2.5k payout that I requested last April 4.

  8. I’ve been waiting for a payout since the end of February. Here it is June next week and still nothing. Same BS email responses every time. DO NOT USE TOP BET. DON’T WALK, RUN FROM THIS SITE. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PAYOUT.

  9. Waiting for 2 months now for a 2.5k payout. They should change their withdrawal time frame to not mislead new players. Pls.avoid slowbet. I mean topbet

  10. I’ve been waiting since April 7th for my first payout, that’s 26 business days, and I still have over $17,000 in the freaking account.
    After reading all the reviews on here, ur seems as though they give everyone the same excuses.
    They’ll take money out of your bank but they sure as Hell aren’t paying people.
    I see way way way too many complaints!

  11. Requested a payout April 4 up to now still waiting for my tracking number. Large volume of payout request is not an excuse for delays. Topbet don’t have enough funds to pay players. Don’t play casino games they are waiting for players to lose and they can manipulate casino games. Sbg global and Bovada the fastest sportbook to receive payouts.

  12. Hey Guys, in order to get a payout did you have to provide verification information? (They are asking me to fill out a CC verification agreement and send a photocopy of the front and back of the CC I used along with a Gov ID (DL) I’m not comfortable giving them this information. Anyone else supply it?

    1. I did supply this info as it didn’t seem like payout would happen without it. That said, I am now at day 30 with no payout in sight. Like others here, I am receiving lame and non-specific updates. This site should be avoided if you have any interest in timely payouts

  13. Top bet is a joke…. I have been waiting for my first payout since jan 6th…. they always seem to use the third party processing payout excuse.. but no money…. customer services a joke… what good is a betting company that does not pay out?…. AVOID TOPBET .. they do not pay out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m at 35 business days. Waiting for 3500. I’ve called multiple times and I get the same bs. They offer to put my money back Into my account and give me a 50% bonus but why do that if I’m not gonna get my money. Avoid

    1. Yes, they do pay.. but over the last 6+ months they have probably been the slowest paying sportsbook…

      If you aren’t in a hurry to get paid and like their slow website, then go ahead and use them.

    2. Waiting for a $2500 payout and it’s been 17 business days. How long to I have to wait to get paid ? Will they definitely eventually pay?

      1. Currently at 38 business days. Finally called them today and they said that they had an issue with their processor and that they had many check batches that all came in at the same time. They got in touch with their payout team and guaranteed I would receive my tracking number by EOD 3/24. I had been emailing them about twice a week since I submitted for the deposit on 2/6. This is the first time they’ve given me an actual date. I then emailed them asking for that guarantee in an email and they obliged. That said, I’m not holding my breath…

    3. I requested a payout Feb 1 for $1,100. I still have not received a check. They have every excuse in the book. Their customer service are trained to lie. They are a complete sham. Do NOT use them

  15. DO NOT USE THEM! They are worthless idiots and take FOREVER to pay you. I am going on 32 days now and still “no tracking number from our 3rd party processor.” Which means I will never get paid it seems. They are pathetic. Use Bovada. They are MUCH MORE legit I have come to find out. I’ve called TopBet multiple times and each time it’s like talking to a refrigerator. It’s hell. But yes, they are now offering Bitcoin.. which to me is just bullshit.

    1. I have won twice and gotten paid both times. Once for $5000 and last one was $1200. The first time I got really nervous, as I was reading all the negative. I called and told them my husband wanted me to turn them in. That time they direct deposited. The last time the only way they would send the money was a check. I never did get a tracking number, but it showed up Fed Ex on 3rd week.
      The first time I was constantly calling them. I haven’t played for a few mos now,,but that’s because I know I look suspicious when I go to the bank with the check they send. And, of course, they don’t want you telling them it’s From gambling
      I, sure you will get your money

    2. UPDATE: It’s been almost three months. STILL NOTHING! I’ve called countless times, emailed countless times. NOTHING! I set up a bitcoin address, and emailed them my info, just as they told me to.. NOTHING! No transfer. If I have to hear them read a scripted apologize to me one more time on the phone. They lie at all costs. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

  16. I am awaiting a payment that is now about 35-40 days past initial withdraw. Same story, “no tracking number, waiting for processor” Is there really no way to report this site ? Will payment come?

    1. They will pay you. Promise! But they are slow. I’ve been with them for about 5 years. I know you want your money in a timely manner. Who doesn’t? You won’t get stiffed.

  17. I am waiting on 3 payouts right now and have been paid out on 2 thus far. The first 2 were paid out within the 15 biz day window. First one I got was a paper check, second one they couldn’t pay check so I got paid out via bitcoin.

    I am waiting on the 3 more payouts as I type this. The first of the 3 is over 20 biz days old. The other 2 are just behind.

    At first, I had relatively good service/payout from, but I will not be using them again after these long delays.

  18. Top Bet owes me two payouts, I made my deposit using US Dollars, they keep pressuring me to be paid in BitCoin..Worthless, BitCoin

    1. They’ve owed me 2,500 since December 6th when I requested a payout I know what you’re going through it’s fucking bullshit

    2. Bitcoin is actually ok if you can get TB to waive the 40.00 fee. I transferred it to my Paypal and it took one day. In fact, if they just switched to Bitcoin and waived the fee I’d be happy.

  19. TopBet is a joke. I like the website design, but their payout options have dwindled to only one option, which is a paper check. I requested a payout on September 19th, and today, October 19th, no payment, no tracking number, just repeated BS canned answers from their “customer service” folks. Do yourself a favor and bet somewhere else. These guys are amateurs.

    1. Justin please let me know if you ever receive your money. I requested a withdraw on 9/30 and still haven’t received a tracking number or paper check. This is so frustrating and unprofessional.

    2. I requested a payout 6 weeks ago . I get the same response every time I call! Waiting for a tracking number and we only have a new processing company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  20. Topbet is the worst. I have been trying to get my money for weeks. it is absolutely a strategy for them to delay so that you bet the remaining money in your acct. I went to Brovada and won’t bet a single dollar at Topbet. The other site is 10x better and no problems getting paid.

  21. Noticed payouts have been getting slower and slower. I have sticked with them throughout the years because of friendly customet service amazing bonuses. Should have known something eas wrong that no great bonuses were available during NBA finals. I almost feel like they are awaiting losing wagers to come in to pay the people waiting in the “que”. Anyways, after multiple weeks of calling and questioning, check is finally here 8 weeks later.

    1. Yes same here I took a pay out in March it took 43 days to get to my bank. I just did another withdraw for 2500.00 and it is on day 24 and they keep telling me therealize waiting on tracking number when I was told 10 to 15 business days. This place is a joke. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE. THEY CAN NEVER GIVE YOU A STRAIGHT ANSWER AND WILL NOT PAY YOU ON TIME. STAY AWAY PLENTY OTHERS OUT THERE. I email them every day and get the same shit

      1. Im having a huge problem getting paid. Always another problem after solving the first one. I am done with this company. Moving on.

    2. Same here I have been with them for almost 4 years. I always chose to get payouts sent directly into onto my debit card which is attached to a checking account. They say 10-12 business days from the time the money comes out of topbet account. Always took atleast 20 business days. This past time i request a payout and they tell me that they are updating there payout method so I have to receive a check by mail. Told me 12-15 business days business days. I am on 39 business days with still no answer as to when I will receive it. Already joined the best site I have ever been a part of. Got two payouts already took 48 hrs after it came out of account. Requested payout Monday night received by Friday. 2 times same time frame and you can wager by phone customer service is great. Can understand them perfectly no deep accents and very happy to help. Take care top bet

      1. happy to hear from south africa and looking for a very good reputable online would you mind telling me which book is that which took only 48 hours to pay you.please I want to know it.

    3. Glad to hear you finally got paid. I won $5000 and was told it would be in my checking acct by last Friday(I cashed out Sept 16, and they were to do wire transfer). Still nothing

    4. Have you been paid yet? I am still waiting on a July Payout. I DO NOT think this Sportsbook is on the up and up. Excuse after excuse from customer service.

  22. Been waiting for a payout since July 8th 2016. Was told my payout would take 10-14 days. Called Topbet mutiple times and was told no exact date when to receive check.

  23. I live in NY
    Requested Bank wire for 2000.00
    On Friday June 24 2016.
    It hit my bank Tuesday June 28 2016

  24. Agreed. I have been with them for a long time they always paid. March 10th requested payout Here it is May 4th nothing. Something about a new processor. All you get are apologies–no payout. STAY AWAY!!!

    1. Has anyone received their payout request from March yet? I requested on March 1st, and still nothing 3 months later …

  25. I’ve been waiting for a payment since 4-6-2016 for $1000.00 they told me 10-15 business days. It’s 5-4-2016 and say the processor received my payout and their waiting for tracking number. Emailed and called numerous times get the same bs.Last year no problems receiving payouts but this year totally different. I’m currently waiting for a $1000.00 and 2000.00 payouts. They take your money but are now giving you the runaround about trying to collect when you finally win.what can we do email U.S.Embassy in Curacao who licensed topbet and let them know US citizens are getting robbed? Anybody have input?

  26. This site is a joke. Waiting on 3 payouts of over 2k and they have answers. Its been over 3 months. They are asking for an ARN numbers. Beware im so pissed off

  27. Requested payout and was approved March 9th. Money was taken out next day, $2400. Still waiting………….same as all above…processor, bank, billing descriptor, lol. Terrible service.

  28. Still waiting on my payout since March 8 now is April 15 still didn’t get nothing yet they keep telling me that they waiting on the third processor i kno this fucking people lying it dont take six weeks to get a response from a freaking processor

  29. @ N.O- They have been telling me the same thing’s. From reading this thread, I can see they have been telling me what they have told people for the past month. It is real sketchy to me. I have been paid out twice before in 9 business day’s with no issues. But I am really worried about this time. They have been telling me all along up to 10 business day’s. Then all of a sudden yesterday when I ask again about my payout they tell me their processor changed the payout time to 7-14 business day’s. When I asked why and when did this change happen they did not answer that question and just gave me a generic “We apologize for any delayed payout and inconvenience”. Yesterday they guaranteed me I would receive my money anytime soon. So maybe they have resolved their “Issue” with their processor or they are just stringing me along like they are all the people who requested payouts around a month ago.

  30. Requested a payout March 13th still waiting. I have a second payout that will be due also. They owe me 4800. They just keep tellIng you its the 3rd party processor. Im sick of their bs I have lost the last 2 months and finally won. Pay the people! who’s in charge how does these people continue to advertise? The funny part is for our delay they will give you 25 dollars, really thats a slap in the face. Is their anything anyone can do?

  31. At this point does anyone have suggestions or who to go to. How do these people still have the nerve to advertise and screw other people. They gave me a free 25 dollar bet for the inconvenience when they owe me 4800 I told them to keep. Who can escalate this and put their ratings down. Thus place used to pay last year. I told them I lost over the last 2 months all I want is whats coming to me.

  32. I was told 8 to 10 business days from Top Bet, on my 15th business day no check, they give you the run around and won’t let you speak with a supervisor no tracking number nothing!

  33. Major issues with payouts. Had one issue but gave them a second chance. This time, they still have not paid out despite it being over two weeks later than expected. When confronted, they have no answers to why and will not get them. Also, they don’t have the best odds at times, specific to basketball. They used to be better.

    1. I cashed out for 2k on March 8th and my 10th business day was March 23rd…it’s April 1st and they give me a billing descriptor who I am receiving g my money from but no tracking # and getting the runaround about the processors and Asian holidays and what not. Bottom line is they are over due and I’m not happy. i chose Swift card payment so there is no paper check which I though was the easiest which goes directly back to ur checking account. Is anyone else receiving problems on payouts at this time from them.

      1. I am currently going through the same problem with 2400

        Out of 7200

        Recieved one pay out of 2400 with no problem, now waiting on the other 3

        1. good luck guys. I have waited 2 months to get $4800 that is owed. This site will not pay you out if you go up big. Don’t ever think of using this site. It is going down like the titanic. At this point I consider it lost money that I will never see. My favorite part is the so called billing descriptor. I also love when they tell you to call your bank. Good luck to you guys. My advice play elsewhere

        2. I am having the same withdrawal issues. It has been over a month and I have yet to see my 2k. Very disappointing. I already wrote it off. If it ever comes in it will be a bonus

          1. I finally received my money yesterday. It took a month and a half, but it seems like the missing batch has been found. Good luck to the rest of you, guys

      2. Yes since march 8 i been waiting on my money they tell the same shyt over n over now is april 5 still didn’t receive my money

      3. Im im the same situation and the same thing they tell me. They owe me 4800 16 business days past and now the 11 business day on my 2 nd payout. All u can do is hope they payout.

      4. same here requested a pay out on the 16th of march
        already april 7 and i still haven’t recieved my payout.

        1. Have you been paid? I requested the 2400 on March 13th money taken out on the 15th still nothing same run around waiting on the processor. I also have another payout going on the 10th business all together 4800 not one penny paid.

          1. What have they been telling you? Any valid reason’s for the delay? Today is the 10th business day since i requested mine and based on these post’s I am very nervous. I have gotten paid from them twice in the past and both were on the 9th business day. My fear is this is going to take over a month in business day’s and I really need the money.

      5. I requested a payout of $1,500 on April 15, 2016 and was told the check would arrive in 10-15 days. Just called and spoke to Jasmine – it has been 28 days and no check. She said sorry they do not have a “tracking number” yet and the check has not been issued. They may have a tracking number by next week sometime. I’m just hoping I get paid at some point, and I will never deposit here again with this ridiculous site.

        1. Hi I’m having the same issue did you never get your check? Everything that you have said I’m going through please let me know

  34. You can only withdrawal $2,400 every 7 days but I was allowed to deposit $5,000 at one time. I ended up with a bank of nearly $15k so at $2,400 every 7 days it’s going to take awhile to get my withdrawal. I do not understand why you cannot withdrawal all your winning at once. I understand they are not a huge company and they want to protect themselves from having several big winners trying to withdrawal all there money at once but at a minimum they should allow you to withdrawal the amount they allow you to deposit ($5k) every 7 days.

  35. I had only used top bet a few times over the past year and was drawn back in over the phone with a 100% bonus offer. I asked the cashier were if there was any stipulations with the bonus money if it would affect my payout. No response given. I deposited a certain amount and the deposit was matched. Little did I know the bonus is like a horrible used car deal at a ridiculous interest rate. I won 4 times the amount I deposited and wanted a payout my first. BUT TO MY DISMAY WAS TOLD I WOULD HAVE TO BET THE TOTAL AMOUNT I WON TO QUALIFY FOR A WITHDRAW. I am not lying whatsoever I was never told in detail or clearly how my withdraw would be affected for me to “qualify for a deposit”. I have never felt so cheated in my life, it is like playing poker and being forced to go all in to receive the deposit for money I already won. There system goes above and beyond the odds favoring the house-i have never used a loan shark but this roll over bs is just like it inflated rates for bonus cash.

    1. All you need to do is ask the customer service operator to not include the bonus with your deposit, so you will not get the bonus and therefore you will not have to bed the substantial amount to meet the bonus requirements. I’ve been using this site for over 4 years and I’ve been paid out over 10 times with no issues and receive the check within 10 days and you just need to call the 800 number when you make a deposit and tell them to delete your bonus money that you get from your deposit.

  36. Trying to receive a payout. it is impossible. They say they can’t send me a check because I live in NY. only way is to issue a refund on credit card and i have to owe more on card than payout. Absolutely ridiculous. Go elsewhere.

    1. This is the biggest weak spot of Topbet. I think Topbet is fine if you are away that they only have 2 payout options (1 for NY I guess!).

      Their limited payouts is why they are not a top tier sportsbook. 5Dimes has over 10 payout options available! BetOnline has a good 6-7 withdraw options..

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