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NBA News: The Grizzlies Are Tough, Isaiah Thomas Incredible and Mexico Loves NBA Play

sports betting NBA newsThe NBA is a very interesting place these days with Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook piling up triple-doubles and Houston’s James Harden dominating play. Plus, there’s the always prolific LeBron James of the Cavaliers and the indomitable Stephen Curry playing for the Warriors.

As a sports bettor, it’s important to keep up with the latest goings on in the league. Here’s the latest sports betting NBA news that you may want to consider when placing your next professional basketball wagers.

Memphis Grizzlies Growl West

You may be able to take this sports betting NBA news to the bank. If you’re going to bet the underdog, you may want to put some cash down on the Grizzlies when they are playing the best of the west. That’s because Memphis is 2-0 against the Rockets and 2-0 against the Warriors. They still have to play the Spurs.

Not only have they beaten Houston and Golden State, but against each they have had big come from behind wins. In one game, they made up 16 points against the Rockets, and in another, 24 when they played the Warriors. They took the game against Golden State into OT and won it there.

Upcoming games against Western Conference powerhouse teams are San Antonio on Feb 6, Mar. 18, Mar 23, and Apr. 4; Houston on Jan 21 and Mar. 4 and Golden State on Feb. 10 and Mar. 26.

Isaiah Thomas Owns the Fourth Quarter

The Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas is proving to be a fourth quarter scorer extraordinaire. Averaging 9.9 PPG in the final quarter, he’s tops in the league in that category. In isolation situations, he’s averaging 1.22 points per play and is first in the NBA of the 73 players who have had a minimum of 40 such situations. His conversion rate is 50%.

Thomas has earned from his teammates the King of Thrones inspired title “The King in the Fourth.” He showed just why he’s been given that nickname the other night in Atlanta against the Hawks. After Boston blew a double-digit lead and Atlanta tied the game, Thomas waved off a timeout by coach Brad Stevens.

With 25 seconds left to go in the game, the point guard took control of the ball and the clock. Making his way across the court, he let time run off as he set up his isolation play. The point guard then gave it some gas and accelerated down the right side. He managed to get a step on Atlanta defender Kent Bazemore, and then drove towards the paint. Suddenly, as his route was cut off, Thomas stopped, and as he pushed off backwards, posted a 19-foot jumper. The shot splashed in and the Celtics had the victory. The final score 103-101. Expect more from the point guard all season.

Quick Clips

Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder nailed his 20th triple-double of the season. Only two other players have achieved that milestone, Oscar Robinson and Wilt Chamberlin. Also this week, James Harden of the Houston Rockets earned his 12th triple-double.

The NBA played in Mexico City this week as the Spurs took on the Suns. Phoenix beat San Antonio 108-105. The sellout crowd got a great show as Devin Booker scored 39 points for the Suns, while the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard hit for 38. Attendance was recorded at 20,523. There’s talk about a NBA franchise in Mexico.

The Warriors and Cavaliers are expected to battle for the NBA championship again this year. However, there are no guarantees that will happen. Still, Vegas thinks that’s the most likely scenario. The latest odds have Cleveland at 1:5 to win the Eastern Conference and Golden State at 2:5 to take the West. In terms of winning it all, the Warriors are the favorites at 4:5 while the Cavaliers come in second at 9:5.

Keep Up on Sports Betting NBA News

We’ll be posting more news on the NBA, as well as MLB, NHL, NFL and college basketball and football. If you want to have the best chance of winning, keep up on sports betting NBA news. The more you know the smarter you can bet.


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