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NCAA Basketball News and Notes: Did Zion Receive Money from Duke?

Zion Williamson was one of the biggest stars to emerge from college basketball in quite some time. He was a high school phenom, and the expectations were already extremely high. Williamson far exceeded even the Blue Devils fans’ wildest dreams.

Now the legitimacy of Williamson’s recruitment to Duke has come in question due to some documents that were released over the weekend. A former marketing representative has alleged that Williamson’s family asked, and received, extra benefits for the time at Duke.

The lawsuit, filed in Dade County, is the third such legal document to allege illegal activity over Williamson’s time at Duke. The lawsuit goes after some huge parties, and the NCAA, Duke, and the Williamsons will figure out a way to make this go away before it enters the court system.

When Williamson broke off his deal with Prime Marketing, they countersued to try and recuperate some of the lost revenue. Their lawsuit is where some of the more troubling allegations come to light. We all know there is some big money going around to college athletes behind the scenes, so this should come as no surprise to anyone.

All-Time Leader in Collegiate Wins Retires

Gene Bess, who coached at Three Rivers College, has decided to retire at 85 years of age. The junior college coach was 1,300-416 in his career.

All 50 seasons have been at Three Rivers College. He has 143 more victories than Mike Krzyzewski, who is the Division I leader. Three Rivers College won national titles in 1979 and 1992.

Latrell Sprewell is probably the most notable former player who played under Bess. Bess’s son will take over as the head coach.

Big East Makes Statement on Upcoming Season

The Big East commissioner, Val Ackerman, has stated that they are leaning towards not playing sports if students are not on campus. The Big East is the first conference to publicly declare that sports will most likely not be played if the universities conduct classes online for the fall semester.

Keep in mind that the Big East does not have football, but they do have other fall sports that this will affect. The university presidents have set a soft deadline of late June or early July for fall sports, and September 1st for the winter season.

The Big East is a basketball power conference, so their absence would have huge impacts nationally if other conferences decide to go forward with the season. Another problem for the conference is that the teams are from 10 different states and the District of Columbia.

The northeast, which has been particularly hard hit by the virus, is where the majority of the teams call home. This could have a bigger impact than the SEC conference, where a lot of their states haven’t seen as many cases of the coronavirus.

The Big East announced that they were able to recoup some of the lost revenue of the Big East conference tournament being canceled due to an insurance policy. The lost revenue from the NCAA tournament was a much bigger loss for the conference.

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