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2017-18 College Football Championship Futures

2017-18 College Football Championship oddsIf you’re missing college football betting, then you might want to consider some futures. Below are the present 2017-18 College Football Championship odds . Futures bets can be fun, but sports bettors should never use them as their primary method of betting. Always remember that futures bets are very hard to hit due to the fact that when such wagers are made there’s very little useful information available on which to base your pick. Here’s a look at the present odds.

Alabama Favored

Despite the fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide lost the championship game this year to the Clemson Tigers, they are still favored to win it all. Part of the reason for this has to do with their very strong recruiting class. Another reason as to why the Tide is the favorite has to do with how successful they have been as of late and the fact that Alabama’s Nick Saban is seen as being the best coach in college football.

Notice that this year’s champions, the Clemson Tigers, are ninth on the list and at 18-1. That’s not an attempt to insult Clemson, it’s simply a result of the Tigers having seen so many quality players leave and a recruiting class that’s not as strong as those of some other teams. Despite their lack of performance in the playoffs, Ohio State is second at 13-2. Washington, the other club that made it into the playoffs, is at 35-1 and 14th on the list.

USC is the the favorite Pac-10 team on the list.It makes sense since the Trojans had a fine recruiting class and see a good roster of quality players return. They’re fourth ar 15-2. The Oklahoma Sooners, at 9-1, are the first team on the list from the Big 12.

Two other conference notes. ACC teams that are favored over Clemson include Florida State at 15-2 and Louisville at 16-1. Also, despite the fact that Penn State won the Big 10 this year, both OSU and Michigan at 14-1 are seen as being better bets.

That’s it for 2017-18 College Football Championship odds.

2017-18 College Football Championship Odds

Team Odds
Alabama 4/1
Ohio State 13/2
Florida State 15/2
USC 15/2
Oklahoma 9/1
Michigan 14/1
LSU 16/1
Louisville 16/1
Clemson 18/1
Penn State 22/1
Auburn 25/1
Texas 25/1
Georgia 30/1
Washington 35/1
Oklahoma State 45/1
Virginia Tech 45/1
Florida 55/1
Tennessee 55/1
UCLA 55/1
Kansas State 65/1
Notre Dame 65/1
West Virginia 65/1
Miami, Fl. 80/1
Wisconsin 80/1
Oregon 85/1
Stanford 85/1
TCU 85/1
Washington State 85/1
Boise State 100/1
Colorado 100/1
Michigan State 100/1
North Carolina State 100/1
Ole Miss 100/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Nebraska 150/1
Georgia Tech 200/1
BYU 300/1
Baylor 300/1
Duke 300/1
Minnesota 300/1
North Carolina 300/1
Northwestern 300/1
Pittsburgh 300/1
South Carolina 300/1
Arizona 500/1
Boston College 500/1
California 500/1
Houston 500/1
Indiana 500/1
Iowa State 500/1
Kentucky 500/1
Maryland 500/1
Oregon State 500/1
SMU 500/1
Syracuse 500/1
Texas Tech 500/1
Vanderbilt 500/1
Virginia 500/1
Wake Forest 500/1
Central Florida 1000/1
Cincinnati 1000/1
East Carolina 1000/1
Illinois 1000/1
Kansas 1000/1
Louisiana Tech 1000/1
Memphis 1000/1
Navy 1000/1
Purdue 1000/1
Rutgers 1000/1
Temple 1000/1
Tulane 1000/1
Tulsa 1000/1
Western Kentucky 1000/1
Air Force 5000/1
Army 5000/1
Wyoming 5000/1


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