Denver Broncos Sign Deal with Sports Betting Platform Betfred

Deal Includes a Sports Betting Tent Outside of Empower Field

The Denver Broncos have taken the plunge into the sports betting pool, by striking a lucrative deal with Betfred. The British sportsbook powerhouse has two new partners in Colorado: the Broncos and Saratoga Black Hawk Casino.

Betfred was started by English brothers Fred and Peter Done who made the announcement on Tuesday. The partnership between the Broncos and the casino will operate through the company’s US arm, Betfred USA.

All of Colorado’s casinos in the old mining towns of Black Hawk and Cripple Creek are set to reopen in the next few weeks. The Saratoga will have a new feature to offer their guests this time around, sports betting. When the Denver Broncos play at their home stadium near downtown Denver, fans will be able to make bets on Broncos games at the permanent tent.

The Betfred Tent Outside of Empower Field in Denver Will Be Operational Daily

Bettors in Colorado can also make wagers in the tent seven days a week on other sporting events and games. This is the second partnership between Betfred and an American property, solidifying their presence in the United States.

The Vice President of Business Operations for the Saratoga Casino at Black Hawk, Sam Gerrity, said that he and his team were elated. He further elaborated, “We could not be happier with our partnership with Betfred and it’s decades of retail and online sports betting experience. Saratoga strives to deliver a premium guest experience, and we believe that Betfred sportsbook continues to build on that promise.”

The Centennial State has been the focus of Betfred USA’s operations to expand throughout the country. The Chief Operating Officer of Betfred USA, Bryan Bennett, said their “method of securing new business alliances in the US has been very planned and measured.” Bennett added, “We began to explore every opportunity available to us, and acted accordingly.”

Betfred Officials Revealed There Are More US Partnerships Planned for 2020 and 2021

Bennett also said, “At the time of entry, Colorado was going to be the next state to go live, and legalize sports betting. We had several partnership opportunities that presented themselves to us, such as our fantastic opportunity with Saratoga Casino, so we embraced the opportunity.”

Bennett, who is based out of Colorado, said, “Colorado is really shaping up to be a fantastic opportunity for sports betting in general. The regulators here passed friendly regulations, such as allowing players to create accounts on their mobile devices and begin betting almost immediately. Colorado has been a fantastic environment for Betfred to roll out in.”

Colorado offers players the option of creating their accounts online to begin with. This option differs greatly from many other states that currently have legalized sports betting. Many of the other states have rules in place that make creating an online account in person at a physical location such as a casino.

The Betfred partnership with the Denver Broncos makes the sportsbook the official sports betting provider for the NFL team. The contract is a multi-level one that will be in place for the next seven years.

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