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Toronto Raptors at Golden State Warriors Game 6 Betting Pick

With the opening of a new arena next season, this is going to be the last game regardless inside Oracle Arena. The Toronto Raptors are up 3-2 in the NBA Finals, but the Warriors are hoping to get the series back to Canada. After facing a deficit of 3-1, the Warriors welcomed Kevin Durant back to the floor for the first time in 33 days. Durant played really well early on and scored 11 points in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, disaster struck as Durant went to the floor after pushing off his previously injured leg. Most think that it is a ruptured Achilles, and the video analysis would tend to agree. That will put Durant out for the entire year next season and could bring him to pick up his player option with the Warriors. The Durant-less Warriors are favored by 3 points in Game 6.

Raptors Look to Win Series

Toronto had their chances to win Game 5 but saw it slip away late. The Raptors only scored two points over the final 3:28 of the game as they watched the Warriors claw their way back into it via a shooting barrage. Kyle Lowry had a shot at the buzzer to win it, but that shot was blocked by Draymond Green to send the series back to Golden State.

Raptors coach Nick Nurse elected not to call a timeout to set up a play at the end of the game, and it backfired as the Warriors threw a double-team at Kawhi Leonard instantly. While the Raptors lost this one, they still have two more chances to claim their first-ever championship. If not in Oracle, then they have another shot in Game 7 in Canada if needed.

Warriors Have to Collect Quickly

The Warriors are devastated after that injury to Durant. He rushed back probably a little quickly and reinjured himself, this time even worse. Durant was a huge boost to the Warriors, and now they no longer have him able to play at all. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are going to have to be the two guys who lead this team to the victory. Both of them had a solid Game 5 but are going to have to be really good for this final two games, or they will not be repeating as champions.

Raptors Are the Better Team

The Raptors are actually the better team with their depth. Now that Durant is out for sure, it makes a Golden State bench even smaller. Leonard has been playing out of his mind and has put his team on his back. The Raptors want to win the title badly, and they are going to do anything possible to get their championship. The Warriors are hoping that they don’t end their Oracle Arena history with a loss in the NBA Finals. This is going to be a great game, but I am going with the Raptors to take the title Thursday night.

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