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MLB All-Star Break: What Teams Are You Betting on in the Second Half?

MLB All Star break winning teams
Which teams have the best chance of winning after the MLB All Star break?

The MLB All-Star break is upon us and that means a few things for sports bettors. With less than half of the season left to go, there are about 76 games left, it’s time to focus on which teams have a real shot at the postseason. In addition, we also need to consider which clubs are pretty much folding it up and calling it in.

Why would you do this? Because after the MLB All-Star break when those who have something to lose come up against those that have lost most of their steam, you’ll find some great betting possibilities. Here’s a look at teams to bet on, those to wager against, and those from which you may want to simply want to stay away.

Post MLB All-Star Break Competitive Teams

These are the teams that have a decent shot of making it into the postseason. Each one should be able to battle in any series.

AL Clubs

MLB All Star break
Baltimore has a solid club.

Some of are fairly obvious. In the AL East it will be Baltimore, Toronto, and Boston. The Orioles look best suited to take that division. Both wild cards could come from the East.

In the AL Central you really have to go with the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers have a fine pitching staff, but their batters need to start contributing if they have a shot at a postseason berth.

In the AL West, we like both teams from Texas, the Rangers and Astros. The Rangers seem to be a club that has the most potential to out it all together in terms of pitching and hitting. However, they have had some key starters go down. Don’t write off the Astros. Their pitching is very fine.

NL Teams

Can the Cubbies continue to win?
Can the Cubbies continue to win?

At the MLB All-Star break, the NL, the Washington Nationals lead the pack in the East. You’ve got to like their chances in terms of taking the division. However, if the New York Mets can get healthy, they could have a shot at the playoffs. Also, don’t rule out the Miami Marlins. If they can generate more offense, they could be in contention.

The Central may look to be automatically going to the surprising Chicago Cubs. But that is not the case. The Cubs are electric and exciting, but they are also unstable and unpredictable. Waiting in the wings are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. There’s a lot left in the season and a lot can happen in this division. The Pirates have a solid shot at the wild card also.

The NL West race is between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Chances are the Giants will take the West and the Dodgers will win a wild card spot.

Phoning It In

The Braves are rebuidling.
The Braves are rebuidling.

When the top teams meet these teams there’s a solid chance you’ll see the better team go two for three. However, this is not a given. Again, you’ll need to handicap each game.

In the AL, the Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, and Oakland Athletics are all struggling. In the NL, it’s the Atlanta Braves are really have a tough time winning. The Cincinnati Reds are also pretty ineffective.

Dangerous Spoiler Clubs

The Yanks can always win.
The Yanks can always win.

In the AL, you can never count out the New York Yankees. They have the potential to take three away from even the best teams. Three other teams of which you should be wary are the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and Seattle Mariners. The Los Angeles Angels also can pose a threat.

The teams in the NL to worry about include the Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, and the three bottom teams in the West. Those three teams are the Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Consider the Following

Handicap every game carefully.
Handicap every game carefully.

When betting on games after the MLB All- Star break there are a few important points to keep in mind. These include:

  • Do not blindly follow the designations above
  • Individually handicap each game and type of bet
  • Keep current on trades, injuries, and other developments
  • Watch out for spoiler teams
  • Deep benches help late in the season
  • Solid pitching beats solid batting
  • A deep, healthy pitching staff is essential for winning consistently
  • Be attentive to winning and losing streaks as they start and end

Enjoy the MLB All-Star break, including the festivities, competitions, and game, and come back refreshed and ready for more exciting betting action.


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