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Seminole Tribe Stepping Up Sports Betting

Sports betting in the state of Florida is about to take off, and it could provide a massive boost in the numbers throughout the United States. Mobile sports betting returned to the state back on November 7th, but only a small amount of customers were able to place their bets.

The Seminole Tribe recently made an announcement stating that more sports betting customers would be able to place wagers beginning on Thursday. A full mobile launch was expected for the entire state, and new retail sportsbooks were going to open as well.

Sports bettors in the state got a nice surprise on Tuesday when it was revealed that the Hard Rock Bet app was available to anyone of legal age in the state. This Hard Rock Bet app has seen big improvements over the last few months, and it was able to take on a huge jump in total action. 

This is now the second time that the state of Florida has had statewide mobile wagering, and the hope is that this time lasts much longer than the first. The Hard Rock Sportsbook app had to be shut down in a hurry the first time through after a court order questioned the legality of the new industry. 

Court Case Still in Play

The Seminole Tribe is taking a bit of a risk in launching the Hard Rock Bet app to everyone in the state as the court case never seems to slow down. Things are looking good at the federal level, but the Florida Supreme Court still hasn’t made a final decision.

Governor Ron DeSantis recently filed his response to the lawsuit against sports betting, and it was submitted by West Flagler & Associates. That group has been fighting against the Seminole Tribe for years, and it wants the mobile app shut down yet again. 

Florida residents have never been given the opportunity to show support for mobile sports betting, or any kind of betting in the state. West Flagler & Associates wants this issue to come up on the ballot before it can officially be added to the constitution in Florida. 

There was just too much money at stake for the Seminole Tribe and they wanted to get the mobile app up and running during the NFL season. This is the top sports betting market in the United States and can lead to millions of dollars. 

Retail Sportsbooks Coming

Six new retail sportsbooks are coming to the state over the course of the next few days, with the biggest launches coming on Thursday. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood is going to have the biggest launch party as some big celebrities are expected to attend.

Bruno Mars is going to be making a live performance at the location in Fort Lauderdale, and that should attract plenty of patrons. The final two retail sportsbooks won’t launch until Monday, which means the party is going to last for several days. 

Florida is now the most populous state in the country with legal sports betting. 

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