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Esports Continues To Be Good For Sports Betting As Lockdown Continues

Ironically Esports was among the first industries to fall victim to the effects of coronavirus, with several event cancellations. After the first month of state-ordered shelter-in-place orders, Esports is gaining in popularity.

As a complete lockdown of most sporting events around the world continues, Esports is gaining in popularity. It continues to draw throngs of new players daily, and with the sports shutdown, this seems like a remedy for sports betting fans, hungry for something to wager on.

The demand for Esports has reached an all-time high, and providers are doing their best to keep up with demand. Mark Balch, a sports betting analyst, said, “All the fence-sitters have been pushed off the fence into Esports.”

Balch is based out of Berlin, Germany, and is also in charge of product development for Bayes Esports Solutions. Balch said that according to new data, sports betting was down by much as 60%, and some sportsbooks are dealing with 90% less betting. Balch said, “It’s a mad dash to find any type of content to offer customers, everywhere in the world.”

Still Some Sports Offered

If one is looking for something other than Esports to bet on, most sportsbooks are still offering Belarusian soccer and Russian table tennis. However, for most experts in the industry, these two sports have a very limited shelf life and could end at any moment.

Microsoft Windows produces FIFA 20, which is a football/soccer simulation video game. The games are offered on many sportsbooks.

The odds currently are seeing unprecedented demands for an Esport series. Sources reveal that a lot of the games have been created randomly by various professional athletes with a lot of time on their hands.

Some people that have switched to watching and betting on Esports have said it can be very confusing at first. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is something that some players say is a bit easier to figure out for new players. It’s been around for more than two decades and is a game with several players with a huge fan base around the world.

Attracting Sports Betting Players Into The Fold

Sportsbooks may have balked at first, but many have been offering Esports to their customers to remain viable. This way, the companions can still hold on to some capital while making new revenue.

Many sportsbook officials will be the first to admit that it wouldn’t be their first or second or third choices, but it’s better than not being able to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. As the days wear on, and the shutdown of sports continues, sportsbooks are contemplating their strategies for what they offer their customers.

Some have said that if Esports is consistently successful, they may continue to offer it even when sports come back and resume.

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