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NCAA Football Futures for 2020 National Championship

Best Bets for the NCAAF Title

College football 2020 futures should be on your sports betting to do list. The National Championship odds favorites for college football futures are the usual suspects. The conferences that are well represented in terms of the National Championship are the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, and Pac-12. Of the 15 teams that have odds ranging from 5/2 to 60/1, the SEC has the most, six. Those SEC teams are the Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators, and Texas A&M Aggies.

In terms of the four other conferences, three come from the Big Ten. Those are the Michigan Spartans, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Nebraska Cornhuskers. There are two teams in the top 15 that play in the Big 12 and two that represent the Pac-12. The teams from the Big 12 are the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns. The duo that’s part of the Pac-12 are the Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies. The other two teams are the Clemson Tigers who play in the ACC and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, an Independent.

College Football 2020 Futures – Teams and Odds

Alabama 5/2
Clemson 5/2
Georgia 6/1
Michigan 14/1
Ohio State 14/1
Oklahoma 16/1
LSU 20/1
Texas 25/1
Auburn 30/1
Nebraska 35/1
Oregon 40/1
Florida 45/1
Texas A&M 50/1
Washington 55/1
Notre Dame 60/1
Baylor 100/1
Iowa State 100/1
Miami, Fl. 100/1
Penn State 100/1
Utah 100/1
Florida State 120/1
Iowa 120/1
Mississippi State 120/1
TCU 120/1
USC 120/1
Virginia Tech 120/1
Wisconsin 120/1
Michigan State 200/1
Stanford 200/1
Syracuse 200/1
Washington State 200/1
Oklahoma State 300/1
Purdue 300/1
UCLA 300/1
Arizona 500/1
BYU 500/1
Boise State 500/1
Houston 500/1
South Carolina 500/1
Tennessee 500/1
UCF 500/1
Utah State 500/1
Virginia 500/1
West Virginia 500/1
Arizona State 1000/1
California 1000/1
Fresno State 1000/1
Kansas State 1000/1
Kentucky 1000/1
Northwestern 1000/1
Texas Tech 1000/1
Arkansas 2000/1
Boston College 2000/1
Colorado 2000/1
Duke 2000/1
Georgia Tech 2000/1
Indiana 2000/1
Kansas 2000/1
Louisville 2000/1
Maryland 2000/1
Minnesota 2000/1
North Carolina State 2000/1
North Carolina 2000/1
Ole Miss 2000/1
Pittsburgh 2000/1
Wake Forest 2000/1
San Diego State 5000/1
Vanderbilt 5000/1
Illinois 9999/1
Nevada 9999/1
Oregon State 9999/1
Rutgers 9999/1
UNLV 9999/1

2020 College Football Championship – Who We Like

The two teams that met in 2019 have the same odds. Clemson and Alabama are both at 5/2. Concerning our college football 2020 futures picks, we will not bet any of the other five teams from the SEC. Why not? Alabama is the best in that conference. From the Big 12, we think Oklahoma is a solid wager. We’re going with Michigan from the Big Ten and Oregon in the Pac-12. That gives us five teams on which to bet.

Our College Football 2020 Futures – Picks, Odds, and Scheme

In wagering on college football futures, you want to hedge your bets. We picked five teams above and we’re going to bet using a total of 30 units. In our example, each unit is worth $100. That means you’re wagering a total of $3000 on these college football futures. If that’s not in your budget, or if you have more cash on-hand, then adjust your units down or up accordingly.

Here’s how we’re betting using 30 units.



Cash – Units

Win – Loss


Clemson 5/2 $1000 (10) $2500 – $1500 $1000
Alabama 5/2 $1000 (10) $2500 – $1500 $1000
Michigan 14/1 $400 (4) $5600 – $2600 $3000
Oklahoma 16/1 $400 (4) $6400 – $2600 $3800
Oregon 40/1 $200 (2) $8000 – $2800 $5200

If any of the above teams take the National Championship, you’ll make a profit ranging from $1000 to $5200. With the crowning of the Toronto Raptors as 2019 NBA Champions and the St. Louis Blues taking down the 2019 Stanley Cup, there are a few things that sports bettors can do. One is to bet on the 100 MLB games played each week through to October and another is to wager on soccer, which is always being played somewhere. Another great option is to begin making your futures bets on NCAA Football, as well as NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA Men’s Basketball.


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