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Sports Betting Strategy: Advantages to Specializing in One Sport

One of the many allures to sports gambling as a whole is easy to see: there’s a game every day and, therefore, a wager to be played every day. Whether it’s the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, or Major League Baseball, there’s always a game on. Any time of day, any time of year. Gamblers like options and sports gambling provides plenty of them. Sports gamblers take advantage of this abundance of action, too. The average sports gambler lays wagers every day on multiple sports. However, as sports gambling grows into a bigger, more robust, (and more legal) industry, many gamblers are turning professional, and they are doing it one sport at a time.

Concentrating your efforts on one sport for all of your sports betting is a logical step for gamblers looking to maximize their profits while limiting their exposure. Professional gamblers want to win money, and they have found that wagering on one sport allows them the best opportunity to do just that. Successful sports gamblers know that it is not just the number of wagers you place that allows you to win more cash, it’s the number of smart wagers you place. Whether betting one sport exclusively is an option you’ve considered or not, we’ve compiled a convincing list of reasons which may lead you to explore it as a strategy.


When you begin to only gamble on one sport, you’ve immediately removed unneeded clutter from your mind. There are certain times of the year when multiple sports leagues are in full swing, and it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with all of the action and information coming in. For instance, take when college basketball begins in November. The NFL season is just past the halfway point, while the NHL and NBA are well underway, too. College football is discussing Bowl game scenarios, and the World Series was just completed. That’s a lot to keep track of if you are combing the daily lines, trying to find the best value being offered that day. Eliminating some of these options makes sense.


Over the course of a season, trends develop, and taking advantage of them and not being burned by them takes plenty of attention. The beauty of sticking to one sport is how trends develop for certain players, certain teams, or even league wide. For instance, let’s say an NBA All-Star has had a nagging injury like a pulled hamstring. These are injuries that don’t go away without plenty of rest. To try to get this player some rest, his team decides to not play him in the second games of back-to-backs. Knowing that this team is without an All-Star in these games is a huge advantage. Throughout a season, many things become apparent. Certain east coast times never play well on the west coast. Some teams only play well at home, while others overachieve on the road. This happens in every sport, in every league. Only following one of them allows you to notice and track them much more easily.


Hot and cold streaks are another part of every season. Knowing what kind of streak every team in a league is on and capable of is very important to an informed, well-placed wager. As the streaks continue, teams become due. Whether that team is due to lose or due to win is what you must know. This is very important on moneyline wagers as the odds for teams on streaks become very overvalued.  This can be a good thing for gamblers or a bad thing for gamblers, it just depends on which side of the wager you’re on. Following one sport exclusively will allow you to make these judgment calls that much easier. You know this league, and you know these teams. You know who is on what streak and when it may end. Use this knowledge to your benefit and gain this knowledge by concentrating on one sport.

Season to Season

Sports fans like sports, and there is always plenty of excitement when a new season begins. However, gambling on one sport puts a damper on all this excitement. Not getting caught up in a new season is an important part of the one sport gambling strategy. Stick to the league you’re playing and winning on until the bitter end. Then move on to the next. The sports leagues in the U.S. are designed to flow from one into the other. This way the leagues keep the stadiums full and the televisions tuned in. Football, college and pro, ends early in the year, making way for the second half of the NHL and NBA season. The MLB season begins the day of the NCAA basketball finale. The way these sports all sync up is not an accident— it is very much by design. So, if you are focusing on one sport, there is another one right around the corner, just be sure you see your original focus through.

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