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Bookmaker Review for 2022
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Bookmaker is a classic with a great reputation. They are the best at setting the lines. and you should always have a part of your bankroll at Bookmaker.
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Higher Limits than all other Sportsbooks
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10% Reload bonus only has 3x rollover
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Live Betting Interface is junk
Bank wire payout is slow (2 weeks)
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Bookmaker is a seasoned online sportsbook that has been around since the beginning of the internet.  I remember using them in the late 90’s, so that really says something about the company.  They are one of very few sites who take the big bets, routinely taking bets of $5,000 the same way most sportsbooks take $100 bets. Bookmaker even offers players the opportunity to call and place bets up to $50,000 (or even more if the player requests it).

The thing Bookmaker does best in my opinion is not JUST set it up for the professionals bettors; they also offer $1 bets as well, mainly for those new to online sports betting or who just do it for fun. Bookmaker maximizes their traffic this way, and has an excellent layout on their site as well. On top of all of that, Bookmaker also offers a $5 million guarantee for their poker side of things as an added bonus for sports betters.

Types Of Bets Offered

Bookmaker offers you quite a few cool options for their types of bets, including live betting and halftime betting which some sites don’t offer. They also offer you halftime betting to go with the regular lines before the game. Bookmaker does focus a lot more on “current events”; as in, whichever sports is going on at the current time will be the sport they focus the most on (which is a good way to go about it). The normal types of bets bookmaker offers are: Parlays, Money Lines, Straight Bets, Points Spread, Teasers, Pleasers, Over/Unders, Prop Bets, Future Bets, If Bets, and Reverse Bets.

Betting Limits

If you ask any professional sports bettors where they play, the chances are that they will tell you that they use This is because they offer the highest limits of any offshore sportsbook. Bettors can bet as much as $40,000 per contest, which is 20 times the maximum bet that many other sports betting outlets offer.

Just as important is the fact that Bookmaker will never chop players’ limits when they are winning. The majority of sports betting websites will start to limit the amount of money players can bet on games after they win a certain amount. This is patently unfair, and the fact that Bookmaker is one of the few books not to engage in this practice makes them one of the standouts in the industry.

2022 Bonus Codes And Promotions

Pick Your Bonus!  There are currently 4 New Player bonuses offered for 2022 with Bookmaker Bonus Code BRAIN:

  • BRAIN – 15% to $600 Welcome Bonus for any deposit method – ONLY 5x rollover
  • BRAIN – 25% to $500 for bitcoin deposits – 8x rollover
  • BRAIN – 50% to $500 for bitcoin deposits – 15x rollover
  • BRAIN – 100% to $300 for bitcoin deposits – 30x rollover
Bookmaker offers a 10% bonus on all reload deposits, up to $400. Bookmaker has given us special Bonus Code BRAIN to give our readers the best bonus.. Bookmaker’s bonuses and promotions aren’t overwhelming, but they’re still a nice addition- especially for big players.

Rating on Bonuses and Promotions: 9 out of 10

Read our Bookmaker Deposit and Payouts page so you are aware of your options and the fees.

Bookmaker Reputation

The slogan at Bookmaker is, “Where the line originates.” There is a lot of truth to this slogan. There is only one or two shops where lines where will be posted earlier than Bookmaker.

There is no better offshore sports betting option than Bookmaker. They are tops in nearly every category. It is really nice to be able to deal with a class sportsbook where your money is safe. Whether you’re a big time player, or you’re just dipping your toe into online sports betting; you can’t go wrong with Bookmaker. They take care of you from the word go- when you set up your account, make your first deposit, make your bets, and even when you need to cash off- Bookmaker has a great overall site.

Sports Offered

Bookmaker offers bets on almost all traditional sports.  The don’t have as many “entertainment/tv” betting lines as Bovada though.

Football- NFL and College Football
Basketball- NBA and College Basketball
Motor Sports
Horse Racing
Entertainment and Politics


Have you used before?  If so, please leave your review/ratings below.  This will help other bettors decide if they should be using this sportsbook.


  1. 9
    Great Sportsbook

    Payouts are very quick. Usually get check payout in leas than a week.

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    Payout Speed
    Bonus Terms
    Betting Lines
    Mobile Betting
    Deposit/Payout Options
    Live Betting
  2. Is this site partnered with dsi bcause it looks just like it? And where does the payout come from ? Im asking cause i had a payout come from canada and its taking awhile for it to be cleared thru my bank. But i love the layout. Is it free to have a check payout once monthly?
    Ty, sincerely, eric

  3. They are very professional. And although they don’t advertise it as much. There payouts are very quick. Once they have all you documents. Overall I’m very please with my service.

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