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BetAmerica is awesome for wagering on horse racing in the USA. Easy deposits and payouts be a regulated company. No slow-pays or scams here!
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100% Legal
BetAmerica is part of the Churchill Downs Company
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Wagers over $600 are reported to the IRS
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BetAmerica Provides 100% Legal Online Wagering in the USA

The Facts:

  1. 100% Legal and Regulated in United States and is licensed in North Dakota.
  2. Instant transfers from your bank account for deposits and withdraws.
  3. Betting is ONLY available for Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Fantasy Sports.

Betting on sports and playing casino games online continues to be a gray area as it pertains to aspects of US law. Websites such as BetAmerica have emerged to begin accepting wagers legally online. In the United States, most states have legalized the practice of betting on horse and greyhound races from the comfort of your own home. BetAmerica has combined these legal past times with daily fantasy sports wagering to offer consumers a one stop for legal online wagering within the USA.

Top Reasons for Choosing BetAmerica

Since BetAmerica is a completely legal and regulated gaming institution within the USA, you’ll never have to worry about getting stiffed on a winning bet. BetAmerica is licensed which means its software and systems have passed rigorous tests that ensure the overall integrity of your gaming experience.

Join BetAmerica Now

BetAmerica is a top rated online gaming website and here’s why:

A Clean, Easy to Use Online Gaming Interface

One of the biggest complaints of those who have used other horse racing wagering websites is that the designs seem cluttered, bulky and disorganized. BetAmerica has a sleek, modern design that features a point to click wagering style interface.

No real training is needed in order to start betting on horses, greyhounds or fantasy sports contests; most patrons will be able to figure out how to bet if they have placed wagers at brick and mortar race tracks in the past. If you still require help, BetAmerica is available by phone and email in efforts to assist you immediately. BetAmerica also features an informative FAQs section.

Bet on Fantasy Sports Contests, Horses and Greyhounds On One Website!

BetAmerica solves a problem that many America sports betting aficionados are encountering. There’s a website for daily fantasy sports, a website for greyhounds and a website for betting on horses. With BetAmerica, all of these platforms have been combined into one in order to give you the best legal online wagering experience possible. You no longer have to keep your bankroll spread out among different websites, with BetAmerica you can perform all of your legal betting activities in a safe and easy to use app.

BetAmerica mentions that its daily fantasy sports betting platform allows you pick teams and have your teams stats compete against your competitor’s fantasy stats. This format allows you handicap a team of players based on their stats and compete against an opponent for real money. If your team gets more key stats than your opponent, you win the bet. BetAmerica is always running special games and contests including an intuitive social media game that allows you to win cash based off the tweets of celebrities.

Generous Deposit Bonuses – Earn up to $300!

When you make your first deposit on BetAmerica, you could be eligible for a first deposit bonus of up to $300. Any amount deposited over that will result in the deposit match bonus being capped at $300. When you use your account to place wagers using your first deposit on the site, your bonus account will be released at a rate of 10% into your real money account when you begin placing wagers. This $300 deposit bonus represents a tremendous value for your betting dollar.

Deposit and Withdraw Cash Quickly and Easily

Unlike offshore gaming websites, BetAmerica provides you with deposit methods that are safe, trusted and legal for US banking institutions to accept. BetAmerica can deposit and withdraw funds directly from your checking or savings account and have your wagering account credited instantaneously when you deposit. You can also use a credit card such as a MasterCard or Visa. BetAmerica recently announced that support for the popular online wallet Neteller has just recently just been added.

You can deposit using cash with PayNearMe. PayNearMe terminals are located inside of 7/11 and Family Dollar stores all across America. Another popular method for depositing cash is by getting a Vanilla Reload card. This allows you place money onto a reloadable debit card at CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven and Office Depot.

If you prefer to mail in a check, you can handwrite a check to BetAmerica and stick it in the mail. Otherwise, you can use a bank wire to both deposit and withdraw your funds. Please check BetAmerica for any associated fees involved with the transaction types listed above. If you’re sold on BetAmerica becoming your next sports betting website, go ahead and sign up now!

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  1. I. Had an account with. You a while back but. You guys closed it because I live in Colorado. Is that still the case or have you fixed that. thank you. Dave

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