Live Betting

Live Betting is also referred as “In Game Betting” and sometime “In-Play Betting” and they all really mean the same thing.

Online sportsbooks have constantly had to look for ways to attract additional members and increase the total amount of wagers. More members for them means more revenue as more people will place more sports bets. Recently a number of sportsbooks are now offering live in-game betting. This new form of betting very simply means bettors can bet on plays that will soon take place in a specific game that is being transmitted over the web.

With the relatively new in game betting, sportsbooks have given bettors even more ways to spend their money on just about every aspect of a given game. Each play by the offense or defense is a potential winner for the bettor or additional revenue for the house. It keeps bettors interested in the game and glued to the internet. If you are experienced in sport betting online and smart at betting, then it could be a very good way to make extra money.

Before diving in head first, be aware of what you are doing. The game can become intense and you can lose all control, with your emotions taking over and the results could be lots of money going to the house and out of your account. Big wins are there for the taking, but along with the chance to win big is the possibility of losing large sums as well.

Setting a limit is the best way to make sure in-game betting does not take control of you. The best way to maintain that control is to bet on games you are very familiar with and limiting the amount of money, you are willing to wager in any one game.

The majority of sportsbooks will allow in-game betting right up to the last play. The live betting at Bovada is the easiest to use and is quickly updated, while Bookmaker is my least favorite as it is very sluggish and slow.  It is played in real time with odds changing as the flow of the game changes. There is all the needed information in real time including the score, time left in a period or quarter and a chat room to discuss trends.

Each sport offers different types of bets that are allowed. Single, parlay or system bets are allowed. You can bet on the length of a play, when a score will be made or what team will score next. Virtually every play and piece of action can be wagered on by the bettor.

Imagine betting on each batter that steps to the plate in a nine inning game. The thought is mind boggling as to the amount of money that could be won or lost in a single game. As mentioned before, this is where the risk of wagering too much enters the playing field.

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