Football Betting Tips

NFL Betting Tips

The National Football League is the professional American Football league in Untied States. It is now considered to be the most popular American football league in the world. Everything started back in the year 1920 when 11 teams formed the American Professional Football Association, an organization that changed its name into National Football League 2 years later. Right now the NFL is made out of 32 teams, all of them from United States.

The NFL is divided into 2 conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The preseason games are rather boring and thankfully it only lasts 4 weeks long.  regular season at NFL is made out of 16 games plus there is a bye week.

The NFL games are most popular in the United States and accounts for the majority of betting at any sportsbook.

Before you read NFL betting tips, make sure you know the basics of NFL betting.

What are the most popular NFL bets?

Point Spread – This is by far one of the most common bet that you will find at any online sportsbook out there. Here you will have to pick the team that is going to win and at the same time how much they will win by. In case the result of the game shows that the team won by at least the number of points, you have made a winning bet. In addition to that you will be also given the opportunity to choose the losing team and here you will need to specify how close they will be to the winning team. In case your bet is within the margin you have selected, you have a winning bet.

Money Line – Things are very simple at a money line bet. You have to bet on what team is going to win the game. This means that you will basically need to understand what team has the best chances of winning. In case you bet on the favored team, the payout is going to be smaller.

Over/Under – These are the bets that you can basically find at any sports where there are points or goals involved. The concept is very simple. The online sportsbook is going to give out a number of points that both teams are going to score together and your duty will be to bet on the fact whether it’s going to be a number lower or higher than that.

NFL Major Events

There are currently only two popular NFL events that happen. The Super Bowl is by far one of the most important sporting events in United States and it is probably also the one where the largest amounts of bets are made.

NFL Super Bowl – The Super Bowl is the annual NHL game that is going to determine the champion of the National Football League. This event is taking place in an American city which is chosen 3 or 4 years before it happens. The day when this event happens is considered to be an American Holiday since everybody is preparing one way or another for this event. The most popular Super Bowl so far happened in 2011 and it drew the audience of 111 million people from all over the world.

NFL Probowl – Catch all the excitement from this sporting event that is basically an all-star game of the National Football League. At this event there will be a match made out of the best players from the AFC and NFC. This event manages to attract a very large amount of viewers and it’s considered to be one of the most popular all-star games in the world. For example the 2012 Pro Bowl had more than 13.5 million viewers. This is also a very good opportunity for you to place bets.

Top 3 NFL betting tips

Take into consideration the weather – The weather is an important factor that you should take into consideration before placing a bet on any NFL matches. This way the weather is going to play a major role in the faith of the game. But at the same time it’s also a good factor to determine the total number of points scored that will make an excellent overview for the over/under bets.

Statistics – While some people will not take the statistics into consideration, in case you want to develop your very own NFL betting system, you must make sure that you take into consideration the statistics of the games played by a certain team.

When two rivals are confronting, bet on the underdog – the statistics have showed that when two rival teams are confronting each other, your chances of winning are going to be a lot higher in case you rae going to bet on the least favoring team.

NFL sports betting mistakes

Betting too soon – The bettors are always excited about placing bets and most of the time they will start placing them with too much time before the actual game will begin. This way they might not have access to the full amount of information about a certain game, injuries, weather that other bettors that are more patient have. This is the reason why you should always avoid betting too soon.

Betting with your emotions – NFL sports betting is all about placing the right bets at the right time and you have to do that based on facts and not based on your emotions. This means that in case your favorite team is playing, you should be ready to bet against it in case they are dealing with a stronger team. If you are not able to do that, just make sure that you skip the betting on your favorite team.

Win/Lose switch – There is a common conception about the fact that when a good NFL team has just got out of a big loss, at the next game they will come out like a bull and win it without any doubts. Many times it happens that when a team has gone down it might take a little bit more time to recover and starts winning again.

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