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BetOnline.ag Promotional Code Explained and Examined

The BetOnline.com sportsbook is currently the 2nd most popular sportsbook (in the US) and of course has good deposit and signup bonuses.  In the last few years I noticed that they frequently change their bonus/promo codes.  The bonuses seem to change with the start of every new sports season, major events (like the Kentucky Derby) and usually with playoffs.  I have noticed that the bonus is always bigger (usually 50% to $1000) at the start of football season..  Of course this isn’t too important since everybody gets a 25% bonus on all their re-deposits, so the changing bonus only affects your initial deposit.

The Current Promo Codes for March 2015

If you’re making your first deposit today, you are in luck.  It’s football season and the new BetOnline Promo is for 25% to $1,000.

FIRST – 25% up to $1,000 on FIRST deposit in March and then use the 25% LIFEBONUS code on all additionally deposits.

LIFEBONUS – 25% up to $1,000. This code is for all re-deposits.

This “FIRST” promotional code will only work on FIRST deposits until the end of March.  Both of the promo codes listed above have a $50 minimum deposit required.

betonline bonus

The BetOnline Promotion Codes are used while making a deposit.

Get A Lifetime Bonus

Bonus Terms – The Dirty Details

Read these very carefully since most sportsbook bonuses can be VERY strict.

  • There is a 6x rollover requirement.
  • Bonus is issued as Free Play
  • You will have 30 days to use your bonus money
  • If you only use a portion of your bonus money- you still need to bet 10x your TOTAL bonus amount. Your rollover (amount required to bet) will be 6x your bonus
  • Any unused bonus money after 30 days will be removed
  • NO withdraws can be made for 30 days of receiving your bonus!

So the amount required to bet (rollover) will be 6x your bonus to keep your bonus money.  Let’s run through some examples

Bonus Example #1

  1. You Deposit $500, so you will get a $125 Free Play bonus – (25%)
  2. $750 in total betting is required and you have 30 days to do that

Bonus Example #2 – Maxing it Out

  1. You Deposit $4,000, so you will get a $1,000 Free Play bonus – (25%)
  2. $6,000 in total betting is required and you only have 30 days to get that done

free money at betonline.ag Additional BetOnline Promos

  • $25 Free Live Bet – Not quite as good as it sounds… Place a live in-game bet of $25 or more and if you lose, they will reimburse you $25 (send an e-mail to freeplay@betonline.ag with your account # and the ticket # of the bet you want refunded).  If your first live bet is a winner you’re not eligible for this promotion.  And of course the rollover (it’s everywhere!) – 6x rollover which is only $150 in bets.   It would be pretty dumb to not take this Free $25 Bet..
  • $50 Free Mobile Bet – Very very similar to the above “live bet” free money promo.  Visit mobile.BetOnline.ag and place a bet, if you lose your first bet (up to $50) send an email to freeplay@BetOnline.ag with your account # and the ticket # of the  bet to be refunded within 24 hours of the completion of the game you bet on. Put “$50 Mobile Free Play” in the subject line of the email.  If your bet is more than $50, you will still get $50 returned.  The standard BOL 6x rollover is included on your “free” money.
Check the BetOnline review page for the current details and our opinion of the BetOnline Sportsbook.

Our Verdict of the BetOnline.ag Bonus

I really dislike the 10x rollover requirement on the first deposit when they have those occasional “special” 50% bonuses.  I guess it is relative – The bigger the bonus, the harder it is to get it.  Smaller bonuses are easier and have less of a rollover… but they are smaller!

The BetOnline first deposit bonus is usually a 25% bonus with a 6x rollover, then they “increase” their bonus to 50% and quietly increase the rollover to 10x.  Seems a little sneaky, but overall the bonus is a really good option if you are going to be placing a good amount of bets at BetOnline.ag.  Either way the BetOnline rollovers are a tad higher than most books, but so are their bonuses.  It will work if you are placing good size bets or want to use BOL as your main sportsbook.

The Best News – All redeposit bonuses will earn a 25% bonus, but with a 6x rollover requirement.  Only a few sportsbooks offer re-deposit bonuses (Bookmaker has a 15% bonus with a 3x rollover).

Claim the BetOnline Bonus

Page Last Updated: March 10, 2015

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