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BetPhoenix Review for 2020
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Betphoenix has tons of bonuses, but some also carry a very high betting requirement (18x rollover). Overall a good sportsbook that pays on time, just be sure to read the bonus terms before depositing.
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175% Signup Bonus
Check payouts are sent in $500 increments
High betting requirements for bonuses
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Finding the right online sportsbook can be a challenge.  It depends on your location, betting limits, payout limits/fees and whether you bet enough to “earn” that deposit bonus. We’ve done the work for you and break down the information you need in our reviews.  This review is about a sportsbook you may not have heard about before-  It may work for you and it may not depending on your bankroll and bet size.

BetPhoenix is an intriguing sportsbook because they probably don’t get as much fanfare as some other top online sportsbooks, but we find this to be a true hidden gem. BetPhoenix offers nearly every feature sports bettors look for in a sportsbook. You probably want thousands of sporting events to wager on, a safe and secure site, fast payouts, and convenient ways to wager. Check, check, check, and check. Read through this review for the details on what to expect from this outstanding online sportsbook.

Company History and Reputation

The success of any online gambling site is only as good as its reputation. The reputation BetPhoenix has built up is rather impressive. After using this betting platform, we aren’t surprised. We found this site to be very reliable and safe. BetPhoenix is endorsed by many of the top handicappers and handicapping websites in the world.

BetPhoenix caters to gamblers from all over the world. The owners came up with the idea to bring together gamblers of all walks of life back in 2007. BetPhoenix provides a gambling experience in many different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese).

Their Betting Interface

Since BetPhoenix is multi-cultural friendly, BetPhoenix is an easy betting platform to use for everyone. They offer mobile betting and betting from a computer. You don’t need to have advanced technology skills to operate BetPhoenix. As they say, it’s so easy a monkey could do it. Well, maybe not a monkey, but if you’re able to walk and chew gum at the same time, chances are you’ll have no problems navigating through the BetPhoenix betting system. BetPhoenix is one of the most convenient gambling sites around, both for a computer and mobile device.

Easy and Clean Betting screen.

 New Bonus for 2020 NFL Playoffs

BetPhoenix offers many special bonuses for new players and even their loyal players. With the 2020 NFL playoffs here, there is an UPGRADED bonus. Choose a 200% Free Play bonus OR a 100% cash bonus plus entries for prizes like a ford mustang.

BetPhoenix is suffering from too many damn bonus codes.  But this could be a positive as some people bet small and some bet large..,

No Credit Card Bonus Codes

  • BP200JAN – 200% to $3,000 Free Play Bonus (No CC deposits) plus entry for the Super Bowl contest – 16x rollover
  • BP100JAN – 100% to $1,500 Cash Bonus (No CC deposits) plus entry for the Super Bowl contest – 16x rollover
  • BP150 (The Regular Bonus) – 150% Free Play up to $3,000 Cash Bonus (No CC deposits) –  Min $200 with 16x rollover
  • BP100 (The Regular Bonus) – 100% Free Play up to $300 Cash Bonus (No CC deposits) – Min $100 deposit with 12x rollover
  • BP50 (The Regular Bonus) – 50% Free Play up to $300 Cash Bonus (No CC deposits) – Min $100 deposit with 8x rollover

Credit Card Bonus Codes

  • BPCC150 – 150% to $500 Free Play Bonus – Min $200 with 18x rollover (For New Customers Only)
  • BPCC100 – 100% to $500 Free Play Bonus – Min $200 with 18x rollover (Available to Current Customers)

Before receiving your bonus money, you must meet the betting rollover requirement. Should you have a bit of bad luck right off the bat, you can get a new bonus on your second deposit. The bonus works the same.

These NFL Playoff deposit bonuses require a minimum $300 deposit.  Credit Cards deposits won’t work for this promo, so we recommend using bitcoin.

There are some other cool promotions offered at BetPhoenix, but they all require a betting rollover that is on the higher side. Bitcoin depositors receive an even bigger bonus. BetPhoenix will match your deposit at 100% and also throw in a small free play bonus if you deposit via Bitcoin.



BetPhoenix offers a just a few deposit options.  If you like privacy and use Bitcoin, this is a great way to make a deposit because of the added bonuses offered to Bitcoin customers. If Bitcoin isn’t your cup of tea, the next most effective method is a Visa credit or debit card. You will be required to deposit at least $50 with a credit card. This is the fastest way to get your money into your BetPhoenix account, but the max credit card deposit varies from $200-$500.


Like every other sportsbook, you must meet the playthrough requirements (aka rollover).   Please note some bonuses have a 2 week hold, so you aren’t going to just double up and quickly cash out.

There are free check payouts, but of course they aare going to guide you to bitcoin/cryptocurrency for ease and speed.

Payout requests are only taken care of Monday-Friday from 8am – 2pm EST which is not too uncommon, but there are some other sportsbooks that process payouts DAILY!

$4000 USD max per 7 day period

We’ve gone over deposits, types of games offered, company history, and bonuses. This book has a solid reputation and is good for low/mid sized bets. I’ll be using BetPhoenix more once they get their bitcoin processor paying out daily.

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