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BetNow is a newer Sportsbook (started in 2015), and seems to be running their business properly with speedy payouts.
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BetNow is becoming our favorite sportsbook for the US.

First things first, the reviews of on the web aren’t exactly gleaming. It’s not a shocker to find some 3 star, 2 star, or even 1-star reviews (out of 5) from past members of BetNow.  We did the research and listened to people currently using BetNow.  We have determined that those bad reviews are outdated or from players who had isolated issues and were bitter about their losses. In reality, this is pretty common with sportsbooks. It’s always a few people who feel cheated and want to damage the reputation of that sportsbook as payback.  We personally use BetNow for placing bets and will continue to do so.  On a scale of 1-5, I feel they currently deserve a solid rating of 4.5-4.7.

There are multiple reasons why reviewing a site like BetNow on a personal level might pay off. For one, maybe the company earned many of their poor ratings in their infancy phases and have since invested a large amount of time, money, and marketing into providing one of the best betting experiences on the web. Also, it’s not a stretch to think that some of these poor reviews were provided by scammers – mad that the company wouldn’t let them get free money with multiple accounts or complaining that they had to wait a whopping three days for a $15,000 payout.

Not saying that any of these applies to BetNow, but it always pays off (sometimes literally) to investigate a book on your own.

Company History

BetNow has been around since 2015/16, so they aren’t brand new to the game. Bettors can spin that one of two ways – either they’re a young company that is only going to develop and improve or they’re a young company that has no qualms boarding up their doors on a whim one day. The site is originated in Curacao, which is known for its traditionally lax policies on setting up gaming licenses.

BetNow does have some big-name backing in their corner. They are promoted by the site and feature heavy advertisements on what is one of the web’s biggest gambling resources. They also have a recommendation from the Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA), a site that ranks online sportsbooks. Still, any book that has less than three years of operation always carries a significant risk not to mention greasing the palms of some ranking sites can help any book obtain a positive review.

BetNow does cater to American players and they also accept Bitcoin. Being a newly developed site they have also integrated a mobile betting platform. These features alone may offer enough reward to take a risk on BetNow.

Reputation and Any Problems

Newer companies such as BetNow are always going to be hit or miss mostly due to the fact that the feedback from players can be minimal. It takes a lot for a person to switch from their reliable online sportsbook to a newcomer in the industry (insane deposit bonuses usually help in that decision).

One of the most prominent early complaints about BetNow is that they are invasive. If you sign up for the site expect to get flooded with emails and even calls to your home phone. Maybe they have waned on that a bit now that they have become more established and don’t absolutely need to have the incessant marketing. Customers have reported waiting up to three weeks for a $750 payout even though they were verified which seems kind of frustrating.

BetNow Bonus Codes

May 15 2023 UPDATE:  BetNow increased their signup bonus from 50% to 200%! players can choose the best signup bonus that works for their betting limits.

CRYPTO200 – 200% up to $200. This code is only valid for MG, Zelle, and card. deposits $10 min deposit.  $100 deposit will give the max bonus of $20 with a 20x Rollover

BN150 – 150% up to $225. This code is only valid for MG, Zelle, and card. deposits $10 min deposit.  $150 deposit will give the max bonus of $225 with a 20x Rollover

BN100 – 100% up to $1,000. This code is only valid for initial deposits. $20 min deposit.  $1,000 deposit will give the max bonus of $1,000 with a HUGE 30x Rollover

BN50 – 50% up to $500. This code is only valid for initial deposits. $50 min deposit.  $1,000 deposit will max the bonus out at $500 with ONLY 10x Rollover

Re-Deposit Bonus Codes

Always earn a bonus on your betting when depositing with re-up bonuses.

REUP15 – 15% up to $500. This code is only valid for all re-up deposits. ONLY 3x Rollover

REUP20 – 20% up to $500. This code is only valid for all re-up deposits. ONLY 4x Rollover

REUP25 – 25% up to $500. This code is only valid for all re-up deposits. ONLY 5x Rollover

Bonus Details

At first glance, the bonus details from BetNow seem elite. They offer a 150% match on your first deposit up to $300 with bonus code BN100. 150% is much larger that other sportsbooks, but this signup bonus requires a 15x betting rollover.  I am no fan of 15x betting requirements and I bet most bettors won’t hit that 15x rollover before their account is 0.

This is very indicative of a newer sportsbook offering incentives for new players to get them to signup and deposit. Reload bonuses include a 15%, 20%, 25% with a very friendly 3x, 4x, and 5x rollover.  I am a big fan of the reload deposit bonuses, which is why I still use BetNow for sports betting.

Latest Deposit Info

Deposit methods are expanding as BetNow finds its niche in the industry. Currently, they offer

BetNow has NO FEES on all deposits! BetNow also accepts pre-paid gift cards that are predominantly found in convenience stores. The minimum deposit is $20 for most options.  Bitcoin has a large $20k limit.  Credit Cards may have international fees added.

Lock in the 150% Bonus

Withdraw Options and Time Frames

Withdrawing your winnings with the usual methods.  Of course, cryptocurrency is the preferred way to move money in and out of BetNow.

Direct deposit and Bitcoin withdrawals offer minimal withdrawal processing fees but all the other methods will take a considerable chunk out of your profits. The time frame is another issue. The industry standard for checks to clear is about two weeks but BetNow takes up to 24 days. Even Moneygram payouts take up to 72 hours which is very much on the high side. Bitcoin withdrawals seem to be the fastest way to get your money from BetNow.

Is Legit?

Gamblers by nature like to take chances and you’re definitely doing that by opening up an account with BetNow. It’s not that the site is horribly defunct or filled with poor reviews – it’s just that they’re new. There are a number of reasons to take the BetNow plunge including the fact that they’re open to US bettors, accept Bitcoin, and feature live betting and mobile wagering. You can also get a pretty hefty deposit bonus for signing up with BetNow and they do seem to be intent on sticking around for a while with all their marketing tactics.

BetNow is a new book with some old roots, but even long-timers like Bookmaker and Bovada had to start somewhere.

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