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Page last updated:  June 11, 2020

Ok, so we know that Bookmaker is a legit sportsbook with a good history and decent reputation for the most part.  It’s very easy to get money to Bookmaker and easy to get it off if you don’t mind some common fees.  Overall their payouts can be the fastest in the offshore sportsbook industry.  There are a few problems I have with and their payouts can be a problem for people making larger cashouts – check out my personal experience near the bottom of the page.

June 2020 Update – The lack of updates with bookmaker payments is because everything has been smooth and consistent for years now.  As long as you use bitcoin, there won’t be any issues and payouts are received within 12 hours.

March 2016 Update – I’ve been using bitcoin for all my deposits and withdraws at Bookmaker for the past year and have had no issues.  Payments are received with an average of 4.8 hours with a max of 12 hours and a min of 1 hour.

Feb 2015 UpdateBookmaker has added bitcoin to their cashier.

Bookmaker Payouts

This is the most popular payout method. Request payout and you will get a check delivered to your door within 5 days (usually takes 2-3 days).

Fee: $50
Minimum Payout: $100
Limit: $3,000/each

Bank wires are usually a great payout method, but not at bookmaker. Find out why lower down the page.

Fee: $600-900
Minimum Payout: $10K
Limit: $50K

Person to Person WU & MG Money Transfer Transfer are 2 different/similar services. I would never use this option, but some might I guess. Put in your request and you will receive a code when your money is ready for pickup – which takes up to 48 hours.

Fee: $25-$75
Minimum Payout: $20
Limit: $900/each

Get a special prepaid debit card and bookmaker will send your withdraws directly to it! You must fill out a prepaid debit card form/application.

Fee: $5 monthly fee and $2 load fee
Minimum Payout: $100
Limit: $2500/each

Bitcoin is an ideal way to move betting money around, especially if you’re located in the US.

Fee: 0
Minimum Payout: $50
Limit: $5,000/each

So basically checks are fast and the fee isn’t bad (around 2%) if you max out your checks at $2500 which. Their debit card option is very appealing for many people.

Bookmaker Deposits

Bitcoin is fast and cheap plus it is more private that credit cards, which makes bitcoin a perfect use case for betting online.

Fee: 0
Min Deposit: $10
Limit: $50,000

This works great if your credit card was declined. Purchase a deposit voucher with your credit card. Requires a quick registration

Fee: varies
Min Deposit: $25
Limit: $500

Currently Visa, Mastercard and American Express is offered for deposits. Make sure your credit card is able to make internationally purchases. CC verification may be required.

Fee: 0
Min Deposit: $25
Limit: $999

Bookmaker Check Payouts

Good news and bad news for check cashouts.  The Good: checks always come very fast (usually 2 days).  The Bad: Limited to $3,000 a week and a $50 fee per check. Here’s the big challenge with larger cashouts:

You can only withdraw 1 check a week with a limit of $3,000. A bank wire withdraw has a minimum of $10,000 (which is a terrible amount for a variety of reasons).

Want to cash out $9,500?  Well you will have to do 4 check requests ($3000, $3000, $3000 & $500)… So it will take a minimum of 4 weeks (1 check per week) to get your money.  The awesome news about bookmaker check payouts is that I always receive my money delivered to my door in 2-3 days.  Once in 2013 I made a check request around noon and had it the next day!!

The check you receive will be a foreign/international check (almost always a nothern country), so you can not deposit it at the ATM.  You will have to deposit it at the drive through teller. I do this on a Friday (when they are busy) and have had no problems yet.  I have about 1 in every 6 go to collections, which means your bank will send it the the original bank for payment and you will not get your money for 3-4 weeks.  And of course they charge you a collection fee. Thats just part of this business living in the states…

Bookmaker Bank Wires

$10K minimum for a bank wire???

A $10,000 minimum?  WTF?  For any transactions that add up to over $10k in a 24 hour period, your bank is required to fill out a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) and file it with IRS.  Fair enough, but I don’t want to raise flags and have my bank send a CTR with a large deposit from Costa Rica.  Plus the wire fees from bookmaker are $600+

My Experience Cashing Out of Bookmaker

I love the fact that their checks come super fast (2 days), even though their is often a $50 withdraw fee.  I let my account build up for almost a year and had $17k in my account and I wanted to cash it out to spread my bankroll around to other betting sites..  I was stuck, do I request a large wire from Costa Rica and have my bank report it to the IRS, or do I request $2500 checks (max check was $2500, but recently was raised to $3,000) for 7 weeks.  I was not in a big hurry, so went with the check method. The fees were less ($350 over the $600 wire fee) and nothing is reported to the IRS.  I’m currently on week 5 of my $2500 weekly payments and no problems at all..

Bookmaker Debit Card Payouts

You can get a “special” debit card from bookmaker to make cashouts.  It is basically a prepaid debit card that they will load with your withdraw request.  Then you can get your money out at an ATM or use it to purchase items.

  • Debit Card Fees: $25 to activate with a $5 monthly fee and a $2 load fee.
  • Debit Card Limits: $100-$2500

Kepp in mind that if you load (cashout) $2500 on your card and want to get your cash from an ATM, most ATMs have a $400-$500 max withdraw.  This means you may be making 5-6 cash withdraws from the ATM and the ATM machine will probably charge a $3-$4 fee for each transaction.

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