2017 MLB Futures Have the Cubs and Red Sox as Favorites

2017 MLB Futures:
Cubs win!

The initial 2017 MLB futures were posted recently and the two teams favored to win the 2017 World Series are the Chicago Cubs (+350) and Boston Red Sox (+900). Of course any futures betting is risky. Sports bettors are advised to look at futures, especially those posted so far in advance, as amusement wagers. You may make some cash wagering on futures, but you should never risk your bankroll on such bets.

We’ve taken some time to pursue the 2017 MLB futures, and after sorting through them, we’re offering a few ideas and insights. When you play futures it’s not a bad idea to split hedge your bets and wager on four teams. Here’s our take on next season’s futures.

Best Bets

Big Papi is gone.

Our best bets are based on how did teams did last season and how motivated they are to excel next season. We like the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. Of teams that were in the playoff mix in 2016, we really like the Washington Nationals (+1200) and the Toronto Blue Jays (+1400). Both teams will be hungry next year and both should have deep rosters.

Resurrection Possible?

Yanks have a chance.

We really like the New York Yankees (+2500) when it comes to teams that may just rise from the ashes. The Yanks played well after getting rid of many of their highly paid players. We think that with their resources and farm system they have a real shot.

In the National league never count the St. Louis Cardinals (+2200) out of it. They have a great organization and they know how to keep their team in the game. In 2016, the Cards missed the wild card by one game. Remember, they were in the same division as the best team in baseball, the Cubbies.

Mid-Range to Long Bets

Diamondbacks could be winners in 2017.

These teams are in the +5000 to +7500 range. But they have the right kind of organization and foundation in terms of talent that can make it happen. So which teams did we pick?

In the NL, we like the Arizona Diamondbacks (+7500). The club has some good hitters and solid pitching staff that did not perform to expectations. We think Arizona is motivated to get one or two players onboard who will make a big difference.

In the AL, we’re choosing the Tampa Bay Rays (+6600). This is a team that was fairly competitive in the toughest division in the majors. They have aces, talent at the plate, and some depth. They need to stay healthy.

Long Shots for Sure

We are going to pick two long shot teams. Be aware that neither has a good chance of making the postseason. But, history has shown that time and again a club will sometimes rise up from the bottom of the pile and go to the top of the heap. We’re taking one from the NL and one from the AL.

Of the clubs that are greater than +7500, we are betting on the Atlanta Braves (+10000). The Braves were horrendous last season, but they have the stuff to get it together and be competitive.

In the American League, we have no team over +7500 that we like. So we’re going with the Oakland Athletics (+7500). That’s right they are at +7500. They do have the potential to be competitive in the AL West.

Betting on 2017 MLB Futures

If you’re going to wager on 2017 MLB futures, we suggest that you do so carefully. Set limits and stick to them. Only wager with what you can afford to lose. Bet on a few “sure things, take some middle of the road teams, and go with a long shot (or maybe two).

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