2016 NFL Week 7 Review: What Happened in the League and Why

2016 NFL Week 7 Review
Oakland is in first place!

There are quite a few takeaways we’ve noted in our 2016 NFL Week 7 Review. Premium field goal kickers are, next to quarterbacks, of major importance. This is especially true, as teams get deeper into the season. The Browns, 49ers, Bears, and Rams are all looking pretty hapless. Here are our AFC and NFC takeaways for week seven. Once again, it was a very interesting week in the NFL for fans, sports bettors, and teams.

AFC Takeaways from Week 7

Osweiler did not have a good homecoming in Denver.

The AFC map is looking very interesting as both the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans are looking like possible playoff teams. This is despite the fact that both lost this week. The Oakland Raiders may be the big surprise in the conference as far as overachieving, as they are in first place in the AFC West. When was the last time that happened seven weeks into the season? Here’s what we learned and observed for our 2016 NFL Week 7 Review.

NFC Takeaways from Week 7

Matthew Stafford came through for the Lions.

After losing for the first time this season, the Minnesota Vikings revealed that they are human and also put the kibosh on any team being perfect in 2016. Of all things, there was a tie this week as neither the Seahawks nor the Cardinals looked like they wanted to fly away with an OT victory. The Cowboys are the hottest team in the NF with five straight wins. However, they and Carolina sat out this week.

Last Word: 2016 NFL Week 7 Review

Our 2016 NFL Week 7 Review offers the following final observations. Field goal kicking proved to be the undoing of both Seattle and Arizona as each team’s placekicker missed numerous important opportunities. Detroit is hot. Can they keep their streak going? The 5-1 Cowboys (five wins in a row) and 1-5 Panthers (four losses straight) are back after their bye-week. Will either keep their streaks alive? The Redskins and Bengals play at Wembley in a game that’s huge for each.

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