2016 NFL Week 16 Review: Bucs, Skins and Broncos Falter

2016 NFL week 16 reviewOne more week to go in the 2016 NFL season and we’ve got our 2016 NFL week 16 review. A lot was decided in week 16. All of the AFC playoff teams are set. However, not all positions are set and not all byes have been determined. The NFC still has two spots to be decided. Here’s a look at the AFC and NFC takeaways from week 16.

AFC Takeaways from Week 16

The New England Patriots are in and they have taken the AFC East and clinched a bye. In week 16, the Miami Dolphins secured a wild card berth. The Steelers are the winners of the AFC North and the Houston Texans took the AFC South. The AFC West is to be determined, but we know that the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders will be in the postseason.

NFC Takeaways from Week 16

Dallas has secured the NFC East, a bye, and hone field. The New York Giants are one of the wild card teams. The Atlanta Falcons are winners of the NFC South and the Seattle Seahawks have taken the NFC West. The NFC North and one wild card still need to ne determined.

2016 NFL Week 16 Review: Final Thoughts

Our 2016 NFL week 16 review ends with consideration of the important upcoming games in week 17. In the final week, all games will be played on Sunday. The Packers and Detroit meet to determine which team can claim the NFC North title. That game will be played on Sunday night. Tampa Bay and Washington, as well as the Pack and Lions have a shot at wild card. The outcomes of Oakland and Denver and Kansas City and San Diego will decide where the Raiders and Chiefs finish within the AFC West. For a list of football games we recommend betting on please check out this blog. That’s if for our 2016 NFL week 16 review.

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