2016 NFL Week 14 Review: Big Wins and Major Losses

Cowboys timing off.

It’s time for our 2016 NFL week 14 review and a lot happened on the football field this week. Green Bay’s resurgence was sustained and Pittsburgh did the same. Some of the teams that seemed atop of the world got their legs taken out from under them, including the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens. There were some major upsets for teams and some big wins for others looking to make it to the playoffs.

We’re in the finals weeks of this season, which means that the game schedule us expanded, teams play Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday this week, and there are no bye weeks for anyone. Let’s get to our 2016 NFL week 14 review for the AFC and NFC.

AFC Takeaways from Week 14

Chiefs beat Oakland..

Okay, Pittsburgh and Green Bay are out of their tailspins, while New England continues to be the most consistent team in the AFC. The Pats have never fallen out of first place this season and, at this point, it looks like they never will. The Broncos have struggled and may not make it to the playoffs, while the Dolphins have a shot at the postseason. Oh, and how about them Titans?

NFC Takeaways from Week 14

Lions roar back (again).

The Cowboys are still the only team in the NFC who has secured a playoff spot, but they missed a chance to snare home field for the postseason this week. They get another shot this week against a very tough Tampa Bay team. The Lions are proving to be the cardiac kids of the NFL this season, and the Niners are the Browns of the NFC.

2016 NFL Week 14 Review: Final Thoughts

In assessing the teams in our 2016 NFL week 14 review, we like what we see in certain teams, like Tampa Bay, Tennessee, and Miami. These are clubs that have a chance of getting to the postseason who many thought earlier did not have a chance. Big games this week include Detroit at Giants, Tampa Bay at Dallas, Tennessee at Kansas City, and New England at Denver. It should be a very interesting week 15 in the NFL.

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