2016 NFL Week 13 Review: Big Wins and Major Losses

The Colts played a sound game.

In creating this 2016 NFL week 13 review it’s become clear that there are three teams that are riding the crest of the wave. Those teams are the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowboys. Plus, the Detroit Lions are looking pretty darn convincing. Week 13 also confirmed some thoughts we had on how some teams are simply not viable as playoff candidates, including the Carolina Panthers. Bye the way, as far as bye weeks go, they are over. Everyone plays in week 14.

AFC Takeaways from Week 13

Buffalo lost in Oakland.

The Pittsburgh Steelers proved that they are not done yet as they moved into a tie with the Baltimore Ravens this week. The Chiefs keep finding ways to win, the Raiders are for real, and Indy is on the move. For the first time all season the Cleveland Browns did not lose. That’s because they did not play. It was their bye week. Tennessee was also off.

NFC Takeaways from Week 13

Does the Pack have a shot at the playoffs?

Although many people want to give the Cowboys the NFC title right now, we say “not so fast.” Detroit is looking scary good, Tampa Bay is playing some fine football, and Seattle with Russell Wilson at the helm is impressive. Chicago got a rare win against the worst team in the NFC, San Francisco. (Proving that the Bears are not the worst team in the conference.) Green Bay is playing much better than they had been, Atlanta blew this week’s game, and the Panthers are done for the season.

2016 NFL Week 13 Review: Final Thoughts

Wow, our 2016 NFL week 13 review offers some interesting projections for the end of the season. We certainly like Dallas and Seattle when it comes to making the postseason in the NFC. Plus, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Atlanta are looking good. The Giants also have a decent shot.

In the AFC, the Pats look fine but may be in trouble down the road due to injuries. Gronkowski is out and that is definitely bad news. Baltimore and Pittsburgh will battle for the AFC North. The South is in a major stalemate. Will it be Houston, Indianapolis or Tennessee? We think the Colts have the best shot. Oakland is for real and Kansas City must be respected. That’s it for our 2016 NFL week 13 review.

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