2016 NFL Week 10 Review: Teams Ascending as Others Descend

seahawks-patsOur 2016 NFL week 10 review observes that of the 14 games played this week there were seven contests that were decided by six or fewer points. It’s true that there were some runaway wins, which included Baltimore hammering Cleveland 28-7, Tennessee humiliating Green Bay 47-25, and Tampa Bay taking down Chicago 36-10. Still, at this point in the season, there’s still quite a bit of parity in the league.

AFC Takeaways from Week 10

Three teams in the AFC did not play, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Oakland. Of the teams that had a lot on the line the losers were Pittsburgh and the Pats. The Steelers loss was especially important, as it made their late December meeting with the Ravens especially significant. The Pats’ loss revealed just how much the Seahawks have improved over the course of this season, as well displaying inadequacies in the New England defense.

NFC Takeaways from Week 10

Detroit enjoyed a bye this week. Some revelations in week 10 include the Packers have become a train wreck and Minnesota is slowly fading into the background. At this point we can say that the Cowboys and Seahawks are for real.

2016 NFL Week 10 Review: Final Thoughts

It’s becoming pretty clear who the have and have not’s are in the league. Might we see another Super Bowl featuring the Seahawks and Patriots? Or what about the Cowboys and Pats? It could be the Ravens and Dallas or even, perhaps the Falcons and Chiefs. Right now, our money is on Dallas and New England. That’s our 2016 week 10 review.

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