2016 NFL Week 9 Review: Teams Ascending as Others Descend

2016 NFL season week 9 review
The Steelers lost a major game to the Ravens.

Our 2016 NFL season week 9 review we see some major shifts happening. As week 10 approaches, NFL teams are bracing for the inevitable. Some of the clubs that looked like they might actually be contenders are slipping out of contention. The Jets, Bills, and Titans are on the skids. In the NFC, the Bucs, Eagles, Rams, and Packers are slipping. Of course, the Browns, 49ers, Panthers, and Bears have simply been out of it the whole time.

AFC Takeaways from Week 9

Luck was on target this week.

All sorts of season-changing events occurred. This past week the Ravens and Raiders looked very good. Both are on top of their divisions. The two other division-leading teams, the New England Patriots (7-1), and Houston Texans (5-3), ran into no problems, as they were both off. Those teams certainly enjoyed their bye-week, as did the Cincinnati Bengals (3-4). This is what occurred in the AFC.

NFC Takeaways from Week 9

QB Ryan is leading the Falcons to the playoffs.

After this past week, the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks are still holding onto first place. But the Falcons are soaring and the Cowboys are running roughshod over everyone. This week the Chicago Bears (2-6), Arizona Cardinals (3-4), and Washington Redskins (4-3) took their bye-week. Here’s what happened in the NFC.

Final Word: 2016 NFL Season Week 9 Review

As we finish our 2016 NFL season week 9 review , we have to look towards week 10. Green Bay plays Tennessee this week. The Packers desperately need a win. Another major matchup has Minnesota at Washington. This game could hold major playoff implications for both clubs. Two bird teams, the Falcons and Eagles, will play. This game could be Philly’s season. The same is true for Denver when they play the Saints. Sunday night has Seattle at New England. Can the Pats keep their four-game streak alive? Teams taking their bye-week include Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Oakland, That’s our 2016 NFL season week 9 review.

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