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Will Hill Sues FanDuel

With the Supreme Court finding the PASPA unconstitutional, many doors have come swinging wide open in the sports gambling industry as we are sure you have heard all about. Legal sports gambling is coming and the scramble by companies, state houses, and sports leagues to position themselves to maximize the potential profitability has already begun. We’ve seen some strange bedfellows thus far, and now, have are first, but certainly not the last, litigation by two of the industry heavy-weights due to the ripple effects of the Supreme Court’s big splash.

It was reported last week that bookmaker William Hill would be suing FanDuel over copyright infringement for allegedly stealing passages from its betting guide. Online gambling sites often use these types of guides to better inform new and old sports gamblers about various types of wagers, how to read lines, and how to place bets. William Hill’s CEO, Joe Asher, maintains that William Hill is not a litigious company and added that if there was a positive outcome to the litigation, he would be donating part of the proceeds toward funding creative writing scholarships in New Jersey.

But citing the “ridiculous” similarities between the guides available at FanDuel, he felt obligated to seek some sort of action and he has a valid point. FanDuel’s edition of one of the guides in question sounds like an exact replica and is written out verbatim. In fact, one portion of the guide even left William Hill’s name intact. Not the best copy and paste job, there, boys and it was far from the only example.

The Washington Post has reported that the suit goes on to claim FanDuel used some of the same diagrams straight from the William Hill guide. “For instance, a chart involving a 1:05 p.m. baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies listing both starting pitchers and three different ways to bet on the game appeared identically in both publications.”

No word from FanDuel as of yet as it appears they have their hand caught in the cookie jar. Expect more litigation and stories such as this as the industry is headed for a big boom in the coming years and companies are looking for any and every edge they can find to put themselves ahead.

Kansas City Chiefs: Undefeated ATS

We hope you have been wagering on the Kansas City Chiefs so far this NFL season as they are undefeated against the spread and are poised to continue to receive good numbers in the second half of the season. The Chiefs are just the third team in history to begin a season with seven consecutive covers since 2003, along with the 2007 New England Patriots and the 2008 Tennessee Titans.

Sportsbooks everywhere opened Kansas City as a 10 point favorite in Week 8 against the Denver Broncos at home in Arrowhead. During this ATS win streak, Kansas City is covering by an average of 10.1 points per game. With a cover versus the Broncos come Sunday, they would tie those 2007 New England Patriots for the best start against the spread in the past 16 years.

Outside of Week 1 against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Chiefs have received a vast majority of the point spread wagers in every game. Don’t think Vegas hasn’t noticed either. As K.C. keeps covering, sports bettors keep winning. Some expect an overreaction in coming weeks and history is on this theory’s side. Of the last 11 teams to start a season with at least five consecutive point spread covers, none managed to have a winning ATS record after they suffered the first ATS loss.

This includes the playoffs as well. Only two of the teams were able to break even down the stretch: the 2008 Tennessee Titans and the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles both managed to finish .500. The 2007 New England Patriots flopped hard in the second half and finished with a terrible 2-9 ATS. NFL teams that start hot ATS, almost always finish cold and only cover 35% of the time.

That said, the Chiefs schedule down the stretch is a favorable one and they’re poised to continue their winning ways. Of course, their ATS record will all depend on the number set by the oddsmakers and sportsbooks. Be sure to pay close attention in the coming weeks to see if such a roll will continue.

Unders are Up

Another odd trend came to a halt last week as NFL Unders wagers had its first big week of the season. The NFL point scoring this season is looking to smash plenty of team and league records. NFL teams and Overs bettors have also been crushing the sportsbooks during this time. Over wagers on Totals bets had been hitting 54.8 percent of the time. However, Unders won 9 of the 13 contests in Week 7 and quickly got closer to evening the tally. Expect Totals numbers to remain high in the coming weeks.

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