NFL Pick: Betting on Week 17 Games We Don’t Recommend

We recently published an article on NFL week 17 games we recommended betting on, those we thought you should avoid, and others about which we were up in the air. For fun, and with a little bit of analysis, we’re offering how we think those games that we deemed anathema or felt unsure of will go. We’re not recommending these bets. But if you have a few extra bucks, go with minimum stakes, and are curious to see how these work out, then make these bet (judiciously). What the heck it’s these are NFL week 17 games, making it the final time in 2016 that you’ll have a complete slate of games on which to bet.

Games We Said To Avoid

There were three. Here they are!

Our Maybe/Maybe Nots of Our NFL Week 17 Games

There were a lot of these that we felt had big question marks. Here’s what we think.

The Final List

Here’s our final list of bets not to make unless you have some cash to burn. Then don’t burn it, bet it on these.

Good luck to you!

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