Mississippi Another State that Sees Skyrocketing Sports Betting Numbers in September

The US sports betting industry has been producing some impressive numbers for the month of September, and Mississippi was the latest to join the group. It has been the start of the NFL season that has caused this huge jump, and the retail sportsbooks in Mississippi benefitted as well.

The total sports betting handle in Mississippi last month was $54.8 million, setting the stage for what could be a strong finish to the year. This sports betting handle for September was a jump of 155.8 percent from the $21.4 million in August. 

While Mississippi doesn’t have an NFL team of their own, betting on college football is legal in the state. This state, like others, had a rough few months over the summer but a big jump was expected to come beginning in September. 

September 2020 was also a big month for sports betting in Mississippi, but the state saw a growth when looking at the year-over-year numbers. The total handle in September 2020 was $52.2 million, which was five percent lower than the 2021 figure. 

There have been a number of states that have set sports betting handle records in September, and New Jersey was able to smash the previous industry record. New Jersey posted a total handle of more than $1 billion in September, becoming the first state to ever reach that mark.

Revenue Really Takes Off

Not only did the state of Mississippi see a huge increase in the total sports betting handle for the month, but the revenue actually had a much bigger jump. Sportsbooks in the state posted a total revenue of $8.84 million in September, which was an increase of nearly 370 percent from what was reported in August. 

Not only did the sportsbooks see a nice month-over-month jump in the total revenue, but the year-over-year comparison was positive as well. The September 2020 revenue was $6.6 million, which was 34 percent less than what was reported for last month. 

Casinos in the state of Mississippi also had a big month of September, especially when it came to slots and table games. Slots posted over $2.1 billion in action for the month and the handle for table games was over $154.5 million. 

BetMGM Now Available

Even though statewide mobile betting is not permitted in the state of Mississippi, it hasn’t stopped one operator from launching a mobile betting app. BetMGM was able to partner with the Gold Strike Casino Resort to offer in-person sports betting. 

The sports betting operator decided to take that partnership one step further by announcing that it was also launching a mobile app. The BetMGM app can be used while bettors are inside of the casino, and that is where customers can sign up for the app as well.

The lack of a true mobile sports wagering option has limited the sports betting growth in the state, but BetMGM is at least giving the option. 

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